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Blossoming Lotus, Portlands #1 vegan Restaurant, is looking for an enthusiastic and reliable host/expeditor to join our team. At the heart of why we are here is to feed and nourish people with a plant-based menu featuring the highest quality ingredients available, creatively crafted and made with love. We want every person coming in our doors to feel completely satisfied, nourished and sated.
Position Summary: The primary role of the host position involves greeting and seating guests in a manner that controls the pace of the restaurant. Bussing tables, and assisting servers is the secondary role.  The primary responsibility of a restaurant expeditor is to ensure that orders get to their table as quickly and accurately as possible. The expeditor ensures the quality and accuracy of the dish before it leaves the kitchen.  It is the expeditor’s responsibility to ensure a fast and smooth flow of work between the servers and the kitchen. The expeditor is also in charge of monitoring various to go order platforms these are two different positions and you will be trained in both, with the majority of shifts constituting the role of “host”.  
Responsibilities: The Expo/Host’s responsibilities include but are not limited to…
· Seating Guests and monitoring reservations
· Ensuring orders are being prepared with the correct priority
· Assisting in the final preparation of dishes
· Delivery of dishes to guests
· Management of TO-GO platforms as well as phone orders
· Bussing tables
QUALIFICATION: to perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.
· Experience in Restaurant, Hotel, Catering
· Flexible Schedule
· Excellent communication skills
· Ability to keep calm under pressure
· Strong sense of efficiency and organization
· A background in food preparation or cooking is encouraged
Compensation and Benefits:
· $12-14 /hour (DOE) + Tip Share
· Wellness benefits through our sister company Root Whole Body including complimentary yoga and more!
 Please submit your resume + a brief cover letter via email and visit our website to learn more about our company!
817 Ne Mason St,
Portland, OR 97211
17 October 2018
Blossoming Lotus
1713 NE 15th Ave,
Portland, OR 97212
Hello my name is Kristen Dodd. I am interested in your hostess position I have 8 years of varied FOH experience from hosting to food running, as well as serving and expediting...

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