Vimy Ridge And The Affect Of Canadians School Essay

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Vimy Ridge
Angelo DeAngelis
2CHC 2D1
Mr. Van Dewark
March 17, 2017
Vimy Ridge
Canadians independence was influenced by the battle at Vimy ridge. Vimy ridge
was one of the significant and most intense battle in all of world war one. The battle at
vimy ridge is a battle that changed Canada and the Canadian squad during World War
one. The following essay will inform about Vimy Ridge and how it was part Canadian
history. The following is about vimy ridge: where and when vimy ridge occurred,
everyone involved in vimy ridge and the tactics they used, how Canada changed their
strategy and took over vimy ridge, and ilistrated independence for Canadians.
The whereabouts of Vimy ridge is significant to most Canadians to help
understand our history.The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought
primarily as part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas​-​de​-​Calais region of​ ​France,
during the First World War. The battle of Vimy ridge started on April 9 1917 and ended
on April 12 1917. Although battle lasted for three days, It showed great significance
toward many Canadians. According to Tim cook “The Canadian Corps was ordered to
seize Vimy Ridge in April 1917. Situated in northern France, the heavily-fortified
seven-kilometer ridge held a commanding view over the Allied lines.The Canadians
would be assaulting over an open graveyard since previous
French attacks had failed with over 100,000 casualties”. That’s why The time and place
of Vimy ridge was important to Canadians
Canada was not the only countries that had fought at Vimy ridge. There were a
few different countries from both sides that fought before Canada arrived. I will be
telling you the different countries involved in Vimy ridge and some tactics they used that
was not affective during battle. The other two countries that were involved in Vimy with
the Canadians were the French and the British. Before Canada arrived at Vimy ridge
the British and the French had tried to take over. The tactic that the French had done
was that they would hammer the German bunkers for long periods of time. Once there
heavy artillery was complete they would charge the German bunkers with no cover.
This was easily stopped by the Germans because they would pull out the machine guns
and kill all of the French soldiers. The British also used this tactic. Another country that
was involved in the battle at Vimy ridge is the Germans. The Germans had a better
tactic then the French and British but not against Canada. What the Germans tactic
included is have bunkers underground and would stay there during the heavy artillery.
Once the heavy artillery was completed by the French and British they would start to set
up there machine guns and spay all of the French and British rushing through no man’s
land. These are other countries in the Vimy ridge battle and the tactics they used during
the battle.
On April 9 Canadian soldiers were called into Vimy ridge to capture Vimy ridge.
The Canadian army knew...

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