How Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Society Jerome High School/English101 Essay

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Gonzalez 1
Fidel Gonzalez
Mrs. Nicholson
English 101
15 March 2018
The Age of Artificial Intelligence
People have always relied on technology to make life easier. As time has passed, new
technology has been created with the intent of bringing benefits to society. Artificial intelligence
is a piece of technology that is expected to change the way the world runs. Developers have
already begun to work on AI. There are even some forms of AI in everyday life such as Siri and
Alexa. However, developers are looking to create artificial intelligence that goes far beyond
that. Artificial intelligence is meant to have the capacity of mimicking the human brain. AI will
simply have the capabilities of accomplishing anything human beings can do. Without much
need for human jobs left, people will have to develop new activities to invest their time in. In the
age of AI, people will become less communicative and independent but smarter.
Technology has slowly impacted the way people interact. Technology is simply making
it so less communication between humans is required. Kevin Maney’s article, “How Facebook’s
AI Bots Learned Their Own Language And How To Lie,” gives an example of AI already
causing less need for communication. The article talks about Facebook creating business bots.
Normally, business requires interaction of some kind between humans. However, the business
bots get rid of that human interaction and do the business transaction themselves. Even in
everyday life technology has already replaced the need to communicate while performing daily
tasks. For example, people now can choose to use an ATM instead of going into the bank. What
Gonzalez 2
once required an interaction between two people can now be done by a machine. Another
example that now requires less interactions is shopping. With the internet, people can shop
online and order almost anything they need. Although some people still do these tasks regularly,
the point is that technology is slowly getting rid of necessary human interaction. Before all this
modern technology, people were forced to communicate with each other because there was no
other way to do certain tasks. Now that this technology is available, people tend to stray away
from communication. With technology already causing less need for communication, it is easy
to see why AI would make people less communicative. The purpose of AI is to do any type of
task that humans can do. With AI being able to do all human tasks, there would simply be less
need for interaction.
Besides becoming less communicative, humans will also become significantly less
independent. Technology as it is, is already making people less dependent on themselves. Tasks
that were once done independently by humans are beginning to shift more and more to being
done by technology. It makes sense because after all, technology is created to ease tasks. In the
article, “10 Powerful Examples Of AI In Use Today,” Adams shows examples of AI that...

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