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C 405 Task 9 Reproductive
Cynthia Price
The process of fertilization occurs when sperm are introduced to an egg that has been released during ovulation. The timeframe for the egg and sperm to meet are crucial as sperm can survive for 4-6 days but the egg is only viable for 24-48 hours after release. When the egg is released from the ovary it is pushed into the fallopian tube by the fimbriae. It can take 4-6 days for this egg to travel to the uterus. The fallopian tubes are where most fertilization take place. During intercourse semen containing hundreds of millions of sperm are ejaculated into the vaginal vault. The force of the ejaculation and the sperm themselves carry them up to the uterus within minutes. The swimming sperm with the help uterine contractions manage to find their way to the fallopian tubes where they will meet with the egg. Fertilization begins with the sperm attempting to penetrate the egg. Many sperm attempt to fertilize but most fail. Usually the first one in wins. Once the first one has penetrated the cell and the nucleus is inside the egg, then a cellular reaction takes place to prevent polyspermy( or more than 1 sperm fertilizing). The other sperm start to fuse with the other cell membrane. The cell, now fertilized, will start to divide and multiply, this is known as cleavage. During the next 6 or 7 days as the cells reach the uterus and obtain nutrients from the uterine fluid this blastocyst will s...


EBP Paper Task 2-Fall risk assessment the patient's perspective - WGU C361 - Essay

2612 words - 11 pages identified using the Morse Fall Scale (MFS) (Lim, 2018, p 2). This study found that older adults were poor at assessing their fall risks and either overestimated or underestimated their fall risk. In order to form individualized fall teaching to patients the education provided needs to incorporate the patients perceived and physiological fall risk (Lim, 2018, p 10). Evidence Matrix Authors Journal Name/WGU Library Year of Publication Research Design

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968 words - 4 pages ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS TASK 3 3 Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership Task 3, SAT1-0517/1217 Donna Danner Western Governors University Healthcare Financing A1. Country to Compare Comparing the United States healthcare financing system to Switzerland. Both of the healthcare systems of these two countries are very similar but do have some differences. A1. Access Health

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887 words - 4 pages Task 3: Reflection This paper is the knowledge I gained from the Professional Leadership and Communication for Healthcare course. In this class, I get to know my working style and communication techniques. Through the activities of this communications class, I can self-reflect on my working style and communication techniques.  During this course, the participants had an energy questionnaire survey. Based on the result of the 5 dynamics Learning

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1294 words - 6 pages THE RISE OF MULTICULTURAL EMPIRES: GREECE AND ROME The Rise of multicultural empires: greece and ROME 6 The Rise of Multicultural Empires: Greece and Rome A’Jeenah D. Chavez Western Governors University C375 Survey of World History Task 2 The Geography of Ancient Greece Ancient Greece focused on maritime trade as their natural resources included mountains, rocky soils, deep valleys and narrow coastal areas from the Mediterranean Sea was less

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2313 words - 10 pages experiencing homelessness in Canada have been involved with child welfare services, which included foster care and group homes. I gained a new understanding from “The State of Homelessness in Canada” video via the functionalist perspective. Functionalism states that social problems weaken a society’s stability but do not reflect fundamental faults in how the society is structured. Despite the $7 billion that homelessness costs the government, there still

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3487 words - 14 pages ... taskstream graders aren't exactly the quickest, my longest paper took nearly 7 full days to post! Always keep about 3 courses in your field of vision if you're planning to accelerate so you can work on them somewhat simultaneously but pick one at a time to finish, then go to the next. One day you'll turn around and your circle will be completely BLUE! YAY.

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2593 words - 11 pages equivalent mean in math? How does that meaning relate to ecological equivalents? _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Holt McDougal Biology 2 Interactions in Ecosystems Study Guide B Section 1: Habitat and Niche Interactions in Ecosystems Study Guide B Answer Key SECTION 2. COMMUNITY INTERACTIONS 1

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837 words - 4 pages Phylum Cnidaria Name __________________________________ Comparative Anatomy and Classification Lab Marine Biology Fall 2014 Blk _____________ In this lab you will be examining and comparing a select number of members from the Phylum Cnidaria. All of these organism share similar characteristics such as possessing sting cells and a gastrovascular cavity. The “bag in a bag” body plan is also indicative of the members of the Cnidarians taxon. On

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1017 words - 5 pages Free deforestation and exposing the species to sun more often and removing the block of shade by trees it can cause the extirpation of the species. References 1)-Schwerbrock, R., Leuschner, C. (2016), "Air humidity as key determinant of morphogenesis and productivity of the rare temperate woodland fern Polystichum braunii", Plant Biology, [viewed 19 May 2016] 2)-Patrícia B

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2225 words - 9 pages offered financial assistance to enroll in the BSN program at WGU. These programs in addition to my experience at the bedside helps me to grow professionally and offer the best care to my patients. REFERENCES · Anthony, M. K., & Vidal, K. (2010). Mindful communication: A novel approach to improving delegation and increasing patient safety. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 15(2). · American Nurses Association, (2015) Code of Ethics for Nurses

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1275 words - 6 pages Running head: YelloW Leaf Fashion Inc Analysis 1 YelloW Leaf Fashion Inc Analysis 2 Yellow Leaf Fashion Inc Analysis of Financial Position and Performance Student, WGU ABSTRACT The following report will provide an independent assessment of the performance and financial position for Yellow Leaf Fashion Inc. The third year of Yellow Leaf Fashion Inc. has proven to be profitable with an increase in net income which almost doubled from the previous

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1849 words - 8 pages ://www.verywellmind.com/integrity-versus-despair-2795738 Cherry, K. (2018, April 3). Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development. Very Well. Retrieved from https://www.verywellmind.com/erik-eriksons-stages-of-psychosocial- development-2795740 Knudtson, J. & McLaughlin, J. (2018). Effects of aging on the reproductive system. Merck Manual. Retrieved from https://www.merckmanuals.com/home/women-s-health- issues/biology-of-the-female-reproductive-system/effects

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527 words - 3 pages growth in height over a span of two to three years as the levels of testosterone increase. The ability to ejaculate develop as the levels of testosterone increase. The first ejaculation marks the attainment of sexual maturity in a boy’s life. This change is due to reproductive function. (2 marks) 5. Is it possible to use blood hormone data to identify the end of puberty? Explain your answer. Answer: Yes it is possible to use the blood hormone

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2308 words - 10 pages Frank Tupper, Director - DTI-1: (405) 954-3153 E-Mail: Director@tsi.jccbi.gov Linda Gulley, Associate Director - DTI-2: (405) 954-3153 E-Mail: AssociateDirector@tsi.jccbi.gov Diana Lopez Story, Executive Officer - DTI-10: (405) 954-6441 E-mail: OperationSupport@tsi.jccbi.gov Aviation Safety Christine Lawrence, Manager - DTI-20: (405) 954-9740 E-Mail: AviationSafety@tsi.jccbi.gov Special Programs Dee Smith, Manager - DTI-100: (405) 949-0036 x367 E

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1573 words - 7 pages we acknowledge these critical aspects in order to ensure a fruitful future for our children and our children's children.One of the major aspects of Biology that will be critical for solving problems in the future is the science of artificial reproduction such as invitro fertilization, artificial insemination and other forms of reproductive assistance. Our population is already growing at a rate much larger than what the world is capable of