Why Teen Films So Appealing To Their Audience? Film And Tv Essay

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Why Teen Films So Appealing to Their Audience?
Teen film is a film genre which mainly target at teenagers and young adults. Basically, the plot of teen film is based upon the special interests of teenagers and young adults. Teen films normally are about coming of age, attempting to fit in, peer pressure, first love, rebellion, conflict with parents, teen angst or alienation which are all around teenagers. Some teen films appeal to young males while others appeal to young females. In the following essay, it talks about some different criteria of different teen films such as people groups, locations, themes and storyline to explore why are the teen films so appealing to their audience.
There are many reasons to show why teen films so appealing to teenagers and young adults. Starting with the themes, one of the reason is that as a classical teen film, most of the teens films are about romance. They normally presented as sci-fi, musicals, drama, horror, comedy. For example, “High School Musical” is a teens film which presented as a musical film. The topics of teen films usually include craziness, fun and teenage optimism. They include some meaningful themes as well. Teens love watching teen film because the scenes in the movie and experiences are similar with themselves. For example, the main theme of “Mean Girls” is “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Nowadays, many teenagers are always blind judgement. Many teenagers and young adults are quick to pass judgement on each other but it often brings benefit. In “Mean Girls”, those teens are also always blind judgment on others which “The Plastic” dictated the fashion and behavior, what is correct and what is wrong. One of the “Plastic” in North Shore High School called Regina. She made two holes on her T-shirt. Then, all the students followed her to make two holes on their T- shirts. Everybody follows those “Plastic” what they wear or what they do because they think “The Plastic” are always on the cutting edge of fashion. The reason of teenager love watching teen film is because the theme of teen film is similar with their real life. They get savor to it. Teens are facing these problems like the scenes in the movie and the film is talking about how to tackle these problems. Teens want to know more about that by watching the films. Therefore, teen films are so attracting teens to watch. 
Besides, stereotypes and locations are very important to teen films to appeal teenagers and young adults. Basically, the stereotypes of teen film include jocks and cheerleaders which more so in American films, geeks, nerds, emos, goths, loners, skaters, popular and the artsy people such as artists, actors. In America, the jocks are the popular kids. One of the stereotypes which presented in the “High School Musical” is that Troy Bolton is the star and captain of the East High basketball team and he is the most popular student in school. Everyone wants to be friends with Troy and all the girls want to date him. He is ...


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