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Woodrow Wilson A Controversial President

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Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States during World War One, is known as one of the most controversial presidents in American history. While some might claim that he is among the greatest presidents this country has ever had, others will argue that he is among the worst. How can one man, in his eight years as president, create so much controversy? A "war to end all wars" and all that comes along with it can do that to a man. As a result of the political and social changes that were occurring at the time, Wilson was forced to go against many of his principles and standards to protect American interests and lives. This often went against the wishes of other world leaders and the ...view middle of the document...

The controversy over Wilson's foreign relations extends beyond his contradiction of political principles. In the cases of intervention by the United States in foreign affairs under Wilson, the methods by which American security of interests was achieved often angered the foreign government, the foreign citizens, or both. When it became known that Germany was providing weapons to Huerta's government, Wilson seized the Mexican port of Vera Cruz without the permission of congress, once again in the name of protecting American interests. Many Mexicans, including Carranza, called this action an example of Yankee Imperialism, and even after the United States had agreed to mediations by the ABC Powers, relations with Mexico had dropped dramatically. Wilson's personal involvement in ending World War One is another example of foreign relations under Wilson gone wrong. Wilson's fourteen points about the war were viewed by many political leaders as Yankee Imperialism, however were thought of as good ideas by most people in Europe. In giving up the first thirteen points in order to achieve the goal of his fourteenth point, the League of Nations, Wilson lost the support of the people and never entirely gained the support of the European political leaders. In fact, it might be his determination to achieve this one goal that resulted in the United States never passing the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War One.When World War One began, Wilson did stick to his policy of isolationism, encouraging Americans to be "neutral in thought as well as in deed". However, since England controlled all news that reached the United States about the war in Europe, American public opinion soon turned against Germany. The launch of German submarine warfare against the...

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