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In the early stages of the Great Warpresident Woodrow Wilson asked for neutrality and urged the American people not to take sides. The president said that neither side deserved the help of the Americans. This was easier said than done as many current Americans were born in the countries in the war from both sides. The president insisted that the US was neutral but the interests of the country lead toward the allies.The US traded with both sides of the European conflict, but the ties with the allies were much greater. It pleased the allies greatly to receive the political and busin ...view middle of the document...

Even after these ships sunk ships on which American citizens were travelling, secretary of state William Jennings Bryan still favoured neutrality.On May 7th, 1915 German submarines attacked the Lusitania, a British passenger ship. Over 1000 passengers died including 128 Americans. Germany knew that the ship secretly carried arms and had warned America ahead of time. In spite of this tragedy president Wilson continued to believe that Americans should not be restricted from travelling the seas. During this time Wilson got re-elected president of the US with a major campaign slogan being "he kept us out of war".In 1917 a German official named Arthur Zimmerman proposed that Mexico allied itself with Germany and that Germany would give Mexico back all the land the US took from them. This telegram was intercepted by a British official and spread the news to the US. Zimmerman's telegram made Americans eager to humiliate both the Mexicans and the Germans.Since the US was not truly neutral, the Germans felt they had nothing to lose by an onslaught. They sank one ship after another including the supply ship, the Illinois on March 18th, 1917. In spite of his doubt and anguish, President Woodrow Wilson came before the US congress and asked them to declare war on Germany on April 2nd, 1917


Essay On Why We Should All Stop Smoking

589 words - 3 pages Why we should all stop smokingIt's obvious that we are all aware that smoking harms your body. So why do people continue to smoke cigarettes? Maybe they do it because subconsciously you have not yet been hurt by it. There are so many reasons why you should not smoke. Some of theses reasons include health risks, all of the money you spend, and when you do smoke, you are not respecting those around you.It is a fact that smoking affects your health

Why should we have a State or why shouldn't we? - Politics and International Relations - Essay

1517 words - 7 pages Rebecca Smith Why should we have a state or why shouldn’t we? Module: Introduction to Political Ideas PO1IPI Andrew Levine defines a state as ‘regimes that invest supreme authority over particular territories or populations in a unified set of coercive institutions.’[footnoteRef:1] There are various arguments for and against having a state, however, those that are in favour of a state appear to be more convincing. The protection that the state

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1028 words - 5 pages , carbon dioxide gas, methane, other poisonous gases, no winter or rain season, and result in the only season being summer. We should not waste papers and avoid the use of unnecessary things like paper kitchen towels and facial tissues. We should reuse and recycle instead of wasting them to lessen the need to cut plants for paper. Saving forests and plants is in our hands and a small step can show a huge result towards stopping deforestation. This

Why Study English Essay

291 words - 2 pages Why StudyEnglish I think that we should study English because we can always use it no matter where we are. The skills we learn in our Reading/Spelling/English class will help us through our journey through high school and college. A lot of people take English for granite but I know that I will need it in my life.I have been in English since 1st grade were I learned my vowels and consonants. In grammar school I learned how to read, and write in

Feminism Speech

698 words - 3 pages that yes, more women should be in politics and management but more women should collect rubbish and fix cars?it also means that more men should be in childcare, cooking and cleaning. We are part of the human race? let us free ourselves from the binds of gender? let us stop seeing women as a minority group that needs special help to gain positions in certain area. Let us create a world where we are appointed on our own merit?because we ARE the

Essay On Reaching Out To Americas Future

515 words - 3 pages home on your own computer. This also may save money for kids that don't go to a college and continue their education on a computer.Motivating kids about their future career is important. They need to know they are America's future, and they can make a difference. We could help this by putting more responsibility on them and putting them in career positions earlier. School's should be more hands on and help focus on career on the high school level. This would help kids think more about what they want to do for the rest of their lives. America's future is counting on them.

Why Mexican Families Should Practice Family Planning

580 words - 3 pages why planning our families would help to assure family life success as well as increase the chances of Mexico's economic growth as opposed to population growth.The first reason why Mexican couples should plan their families is that in this way they can better distribute attention, time, and care among the members of the family. When a couple responsibly decides the number of children they want and can raise, they obtain a clearer perspective of the

Canadian Identity National Anthem - JCS Social - Essay

426 words - 2 pages is a part of our history. It is important to remember our history so we can learn for the future and we shouldn’t just remove it because people disagree with it. Other places make brutal mistakes when becoming a country or trying to expand their empire but they use it as learning experiences. By erasing our history we are proving that we cannot forgive what happened in the past but instead we could help change the future of the groups of people affected. The past happened in the past and there is no changing what happened so why just forget about it when we can learn off of it and make a change.

Should Psychologists Be Able to Prescribe Medicine - English 305 - Research paper

572 words - 3 pages REFLECTION PAPER ​ 3 mentally ill members is a struggle because you want the best for them and you want them to be treated fairly just like normal people and because they already don’t feel valued because they are “different” it makes it worse when we care less about them and it's obvious. This article made me realize this is why the mentally ill should not be ignored by

Death Penalty

1787 words - 8 pages information to consider.Children are not always protected everywhere they go, many men and women live alone, and there are people who cannot protect themselves. This is why sex offenders and rapists should not be allowed to get out of prison on parole. Unfortunately, there are many sexual predators getting released back into our society. It is bad enough we have people who commit murders. We do not need sex offenders in our society. Fitzpatrick and Drew

This is an service learning essay - Westlake High School JROTC class - Essay

974 words - 4 pages our future. In other words, most of our young ones haven’t made it past high school. They have dropped out; that is unacceptable, which is why we are going to try to reduce this dropout rate and give life back to our future. The we I am speaking about is the Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC) team. JROTC is a program that informs, trains, and helps us young people be better citizens. One way they teach us, we do a service learning

Should Euthanasia Be Legalized In Canada? (FOR)

776 words - 4 pages Euthanasia should be legalized. No one should have to experience their body disintegrate if they do not want to. Euthanasia is controversial because suicide is involved, but little do we realize that there are some things we do everyday that help us commit slow suicide. Euthanasia is also extremely beneficial to the health-care system. As free individuals, having so many rights, why shouldn’t we have the right to determine when to terminate

Why I want to be a teacher assignment - EDU - Essay

653 words - 3 pages Why I Want To Be A Teacher? Sabrina Johnson This essay prompts me to answer the question: Why do I want to become a teacher? I honestly had not thought of the why until now. I just kind of knew I wanted to help younger children in some form of way. When I entered CVCC my freshman year, my major was to go into nursing, and eventually a pediatric nurse. This thought was driven not only by the want to help children, but I was also influenced by


1753 words - 8 pages from not getting any diseases and does not increase drug abuse. (Schaler, 1998. p. 209) How can we help stop spreading diseases, when the majority of the people that spread diseases are drug users and we don't even have programs that could help? "We have to show society, we care and want to help drug users not just let them fall over and die.""We should make medical marijuana a schedule two drug like cocaine, heroin and others." A schedule two

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619 words - 3 pages great impact on those children receiving food, clothes and even homes. ‘To err is human to forgive is divine” It is a simple thing to forgive so why not forgive those who have not made the effort to help not only the hungry but those going through tough times, those without a home and those who are sick and dying. There is always a chance to change so you have to forgive in order for those to give to those poor souls, those who would be grateful for your leftovers would be grateful that you would forgive. Because following God in his path to love and forgive others is how we should live as not only Christians but humans.