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IB History1848 Revolutions Study GuideMain Themes (John R. Barber)France* In the 1840's the rapidly crumbling economy sparked discontent amongst the French populace.* Restrictions on demonstrations led to violent uprising and even more discontent from the populace.* With the coming of Louis XVIII in 1830 the people started attacking the monarchy. Such protests and demonstrations peaked in 1848 as the most popular revolutions in Europe have started.* A gathering of French people who were to voice their discontent was supposed to be held on February 23rd 1848. However, Guizot was sure of the national guard keeping the king safe cancelled the meeting. The demonstration has spilled on to ...view middle of the document...

* Czechs receive similar rights.* The revolutionaries in Hungary, province of Bohemia, and the center of power Austria by May of 1848 seemed to be winning over the governments and the return of a strong monarchy seemed impossible.* However, the revolutionaries were not united since all of them had their own goals. Thus, after the revolutionaries started to fight amongst each other. By June the whole revolution has already decayed and lost popular support. Meanwhile Ferdinand the emperor of the Austrian Empire gathers his army and launches an offensive on Bohemia.* Italian nationalist forces were crush in northern Italy in one day on March 23rd 1849.* Russians come and put down the last resistance in Budapest.Prussia (German States)* The fall of French monarchy in February of 1848 was an example of a successful revolution. The fall of the French government sparked the revolutionaries in the different German states.* In the aides of March liberals joined with all other revolutionaries demanded reform. The monarchy had none of this and quickly dispatched the army to deal with the revolutionary threats. No direct orders were given to the army thus eventually it opened fire on the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries answered with barricades and consecutive violence.* During two month of violence the monarchy was under pressure and eventually agreed to give liberal rights under a new constitution.* The Frankfurt assembly held on the 18th of May 1848 was called because the Germans wanted national unity.* The debate of Grossdeutchland VS Kleindeutchland continued but still no definite resolution was reached. The argument was about what territories Germany should contain and the Austrian role in German politics. (Grossdeutsch) state that included all Germanic territories under Habsburg control (Kleindeutsch) state that excluded all of these areas.The States Italy* Italian nationalists rose up against the kings of the provinces.* As more revolutionaries rose in France the Italians were encouraged and more nationalists joined the revolutionary ranks* Nationalists demanded independence from Austria in north Italy. As fighting broke out by March 22nd the Austrians could no longer hold northern Italy.* Different Habsburg states all over the empire after seeing the Italian successes began to rise against the Habsburgs demanding independence.* Having problems in Austria itself the Habsburgs made promises* Rome is expelled by 1849 and a republic is established in Rome, a republic lead by Mazzini.* France after restoring its power comes and crushes the Italian forces. The pope was reinstated and Rome was no longer a republic.RequirementsOrigin of event(John R. Barber & Eric Wilmot)Social* Population growth created problems for the governments of Europe* The intellectuals were openly extremely critical of the governments* NO freedom of press created popular discontent amongst the populaceMilitary* Unrest started due to the lack of food* The army was weak ...


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