2 Short Stories That Have Been Graded To Get You A High B Grade. You Can Use And Adapt It. Carey College Year 11 Story

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Shantell Nyoni 11.4
In these unfamiliar walls, with these unfamiliar faces the beat of her heart suffocates her
mind, body and soul. Each step felt heavier than the last, each breath felt deeper than the
last, each voice was telling her to turn back. The glaze over her dull brown eyes blurred the
vision of the intense gaze and whispers of judgement hurled her way. The red flare of
embarrassment ascending from the tips of her toes rose to accommodate every inch of her
being, while the echoes of laughter override the drums. The quieting sounds of her
heartbeat brought her back to consciousness, as an unsure smile crept up onto her face, her
eyes still monotonous and her cheeks still scarlet. She wanted to look unfazed to the five
smiling girls each with a twinkle of happiness in their eyes. As the head of year started the
introductions she felt overwhelmed with the names she had to remember: which triggered
the continuous wave of nerves flowing in her mind to go to overdrive. No words had left her
mouth and none were at the tip of her tongue, all the vocabulary she had learnt since she
was young had disappeared and had left her stranded. All she wanted to do was seem
normal and in place so she could fit right in.
From there on seconds felt like hours, hours felt like days. Already drained from the pile of
questions about her past life, she slumps her back against the wall as they get ready to
satisfy the beast inside their stomachs. The swift breeze that caused a shiver through her
spine drove her to close her eyes and reflect on the crisp air she’s familiar with. Slowly the
tears began to force their way on her; she made no sound and the others talking did not
Now out beyonder her was the sloping of the hill descending to the building of traffic next to
the arcades and seafront. The noise heavy in ear; wind whistling its favourite tune; the
people rich with uniqueness. Her friends lead the way while she moved slowly out, and
when they reached the sand they took off their shoes. Soft sky above, sharp stones
underfoot and the clouds caressed with reflected light. The lacy waves were a drumbeat that
echoed her heart, the breeze blew the tension right out of her bones and all the while the
birds arc above. Taking a deep breath, inhaling the salty water, she felt a jolt as her friend
pulled her to lay with them and gaze up at the sky. Bathing under the unrelenting sun, the
world is painted vivid by its rays, like a new painting with still wet oils. No longer is it gently
Shantell Nyoni 11.4
warming our bodies, bringing life back to cold muscles; now it burns unprotected skin in
minutes, battling against the strength of the wind that fought to soothe us. The sun was hard
on the sand, the concrete and the few trees. It made the air hot and her clothes were hot
too. They began to shift out of the summer sun, laughter running its course through all of
them. They sat in the shade of a balcony, she listened to the...

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