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Imagine That You Have Just Been Diagnosed As Hiv Positive

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The unique, deadly disease AIDS has invaded the lives of millions of American families. It apparently has caused dynamics changes in society. AIDS has caused many infected patients to rethink their own social behavior and status. However, sometimes it is not necessary to completely shift one's personal routine just because the chance of living a semblance of a normal life depends on how the infected person reacts to the disease. First of all, those who are HIV positive may not have AIDS; therefore, if I had been diagnosed as HIV positive, I would establish a calm and strong confidence by reassuring myself of the fact that I may not necessary have as crucial of a situation as being diagnosed with AIDS, as long as I could put dramatic effort into taking care of my personal health and being cautious when engaging in any activity. Because of the lack of effective vaccines and antiviral drugs, I should not be excessively optimistic about the finding of a cure for the disease; ...view middle of the document...

I would also be able to that much more concentrate on my career or goals, cherish the moment, and enjoy whatever achievements I made.The most important of all is to authentically figure out my reasons for getting this infection, not only remind myself but also the people around me about the effects of irresponsible or mindless behavior. Most people agree that AIDS is a very important issue and cannot be ignored, but social attitudes are largely to blame for the spread of AIDS. The methods of the transmission of AIDS have been known for a considerable amount of time; nevertheless, the disease still continues to spread. People who have known themselves as the infected seldom honestly acknowledge their status; meanwhile, there are very few people relatively who know ways to prevent the spread of AIDS. As an educated person, I would inform the government that the high rate of AIDS should have spurred AIDS research, which has been deficient. Although government-controlled funding for AIDS research is large, most of these funds are used for expensive clinical studies to evaluate new drugs and the treatment procedures. For example, many scientists believe that not enough is known about the basic biology of HIV, and they have recommended guiding the emphasis of AIDS research to basic research that could ultimately result in more effective medicines. This focuses on public health prevention without reductionism, which means wasting time doing off-track research, but there should be a return to examining the foundations of the causes AIDS.The effects of AIDS on society are very far-reaching, from social behavior changes to a "side-effect" in art and music. AIDS is a challenge that all Americans need to confront to see how fragile life is. Whether a person is infected with HIV, a medical office employee, or a client of such an establishment, AIDS does not discriminate by economic, religious, or ethnic backgrounds. It can get to anyone who puts his- or herself at risk. Everyone must work together and become more educated and respectful of the way victims of this "hourglass disease" are treated. Health policies are offered for the protection of the sick, but no policy will protect the oppressed from becoming emotionally depressed. Both the infected and the innocent must educate themselves to not be closed-minded but to embrace others.

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