Evaluating International Locations For Quality Of Life Texas State, International Management Research Paper

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Evaluating International Locations for Quality of Life 2
Evaluating International Locations for Quality of Life
Texas State University
MGT 3375
Cole Wilkinson
I conducted research of various number of cities in Asia and Europe to identify which city would be best to send an expatriate. I ended up choosing Barcelona and Tokyo as the best destination to send an expatriate. There were a lot of different variables that I had to put into account when doing my research. Looking at the cost of living in the two cities was the first thing that I had to do. The second was look up the quality of life, first with Barcelona and second was Tokyo. I gave my insights into why I choose these cities and why I think they would be a great option for a business to send a manger aboard and not have the expatriate come home or quit the company.
Choosing the best cities in Europe and Asia for an expatriate is not an easy task. People have different preferences so a city that would fit someone perfectly could be an awful spot for another person. Expatriates and their family members must sacrifice what their used to and go to another country with completely different culture and values. It is very important for businesses to chose prime locations for their expatriates because it is expensive to relocate an expatriate and their family. If they do not like the new country, they are living in then the expatriate could leave the company or must be brought back to the home country which would cause the company to lose unnecessary money. Some people may be willing to pay for the extra cost of living in a city because it is a popular place to live, or maybe it is close to a beach or ocean.
After researching the cost of living, weather, and quality of life in different cities in Europe and Asian I have decided that Barcelona is the best city in Europe and Tokyo is the best city in Asia to send an expatriate. Both cities are business orientated and have a lot to offer. According to (Numbeo) the cost of living in Barcelona for a four-person family is about $4,324.97 a month, including rent. Tokyo has a higher cost of living, but it is a highly desired spot to live. According to (Numbeo) the cost of living in Tokyo for a four-person family is $5,344.42 a month, including rent. The purchasing power in Tokyo is about 31 percent higher than in Barcelona so this means that a dollar will buy more in Tokyo than it would in Barcelona. The cost of living index has Barcelona at 60.65 and Tokyo at 89.02. These cities were on the higher end of cost of living, especially Tokyo, but it is important to make sure that the expatriate to go to a location they desire to stay at because their going to be there for over a year and maybe forever.
The climate of Barcelona is Mediterranean, with mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. Rainfall is not abundant because of the city's location on the east coast...


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