Alcohol And Drugs Effect On Teens - Cleveland/11 - Research Paper

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Short term effects:
- 1-2 Standard drinks: Tipsy, chatty, relaxed
- 3-5 Standard drinks: Impaired judgement, distorted vision/ hearing
- 5-8 Standard drinks: Spewing, slurred speech, distorted vision
- 8+ Standard drinks: Breathing difficulties, blackouts, Alcohol poisoning
- Size
- Weight
- Mixing of drinks
- Time span between drinks
Long term effects:
- Cancers. Mouth and liver
- Vitamin B deficient
- Amnesia
- Stomach inflammation
- Apathy
- Liver disease
- Permanent damage
- Memory issues
- Nerve damage
- Sex drive
- Alcohol poisoning
Marijuana effects:
- Red eyes
- Lung irritation
- Slow reaction time
- Dizziness
- Paranoia
- Psychosis
- Sleeplessness
- Increased heart rate
- Hallucinations
- More sensitive to sound
- Munchies
- Sense of Euphoria
- Liver disease
- Diabetes
- Pain relief
- Domestic and child abuse
- Embarrassment and humiliation
- Disturbing the general public
- School community
- Hospital staff & Paramedics ! Abusive patients
- Hospital overflow
- Jail overflow
- Mental institution overflow
- Dangerous drivers ! Accidents
- Police being called out for substance and alcohol abuse
- Finances
⇒ Drug abuser
⇒ Family
⇒ Government
⇒ Property damage
⇒ Centrelink money
- Loss of employment
- Disability/ injury
- Mental illnesses
- Pregnancy
- Foster system for children with parents who are incapable of looking
after them
- Peer pressure
- Depression/ Mental illness
- Traumatic events
- Environmental factors
- Upbringing
- The people you associate with
- High stress factors
- Education
- Medical Advice
- Fear
- Laws
- Surrounded by the right people
- Family and friends guidance
- Meditation, yoga, mindful colouring
⇒ Helps focus, reduces anxiety and it is calming
- Exercise
⇒ Stimulates brain, helps nervous system, hobby, sweat out toxins
and endorphins
- Being outside
⇒ Sunshine, vitamin D, feel good hormones
- Hobbies, after school activities and study groups
- Fulfilling lifestyle
- Employment
- Socialising
- Volunteering and selfless acts
- Know what drug it is and the effect of taking it
- How safe your environment is
- If you trust your supplier
- Know your limit, know how much you can handle
- How much it takes to cool form the effects
- The intentions of the person giving you the drugs
- Where the drugs are from
- Know who you are going with
- Who is driving
- What’s planned tomorrow
- Communication ! ensuring phone is charged
- Back up plan
- Chas
- Know where you are and tell someone where you are going ...

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