An Evaluation Of A Netflix Original Series Texas A&M University/English 104.550 Evaluation

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Trevino 4
Daniel Trevino
English 104.550
Professor Hoyeol Kim
Dirty Money
There are two ways to make money in this world, you work hard for it through blood sweat and tears or you manage to expose a flaw in society that makes it virtually easy for you to obtain it. “Dirty Money”, a Netflix original Documentary Series uploaded in late 2018, talks about the manipulative and secretive ways companies, people, and crime organizations make their money. The series takes on a very popular subject, crime. Through credible and unbiased sources, interesting subject matter, and an underlying message, “Dirty money” manages to turn the idea of a documentary from a genre that is typically dull into something out of this world.
In the first episode, “Dirty Money” takes on one of the world’s biggest car manufactures; Volkswagen. They present one of Volkswagens most recent controversies; their “clean diesel cars”. The series makes sure you understand the extremes the company went to in order to keep this controversy a secret while explaining in great detail that the company was cheating their way to the top of the automotive food chain. The episode is extremely interesting and it shows the no holds barred approach the series is going for. Furthermore, it is even more apparent when they go through all of Donald Trump’s controversies in their final episode. Donald Trump is the current president of the United States, which alone should flirt with a U.S. citizen’s curiosity. Altogether, the topics they chose to explain and the way they present their information makes for a nail biting experience that not only keeps you entertained but also informs you of some very shady events that occurred in the world.
What is information if it has no actual street credibility? “Dirty Money” may have nothing but controversial subjects that will make you feel like a sewage worker but it makes sure you are being presented with the most credible sources they could setup and present. For instance, their sources range from Ex-CEOs to the actual person that committed the crime. As a result, creating a fishing net with the most diverse fish possible. This is what sets “Dirty Money” apart from the rest by an enormous margin. A documentary usually likes to stick to one side of a story and therefore they create a biased view. For example, a documentary named “What the Health” is a pro vegan documentary that only...

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