How To Stay Healthy While Having To Deal With Year 12 Stress English/French Speech

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How to stay healthy while dealing with yr 12 stress
Fellow students of year 12,
I will be talking about how to stay healthy while having to deal with exams and stress. During exams, many students tend to push themselves to study and not care about their surroundings but most of the time, this ends up with infinite hours of studying, insufficient amounts of sleep and irregular diet and exercise. This can end up causing sickness both physically and mentally. Today I will introduce you to several ways to maintain good health during these stressful times.
It’s easy to let bad habits rule during stressful times but making the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle can help you achieve your best results come exams. It’s tempting to reach for study snacks such as chips and chocolate to see you through exams, while the odd treat here and there is a good study reward, overloading on sugar or salt will only leave you feeling flat. Make sure you are eating regular meals and snacks, the brain can’t work on an empty stomach!  Also Many students fall into the trap of turning to coffee or energy drinks to help them study. You may think that it will help you study into the night — or pep you up for an e...


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