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11/25/01 Dear Bobby, The novel Cold Sassy Tree was written by Olive Ann Burns. Cold Sassy Tree is a story set in Cold Sassy, Georgia about the conflict between Mr. Blakeslee and his wife with his family and the town of Cold Sassy. They are all upset because Mr. Blakeslee marries Miss Love Simpson, who is the nearly the same age as his daughters just three weeks after the death of Miss Matie Lou, his old wife. My favorite character is Mr. Blakeslee (grandpa). He is an old guy with thick dark hair and a long grey beard. His left arm is cut off just below the elbow. I like him because he is a simple old man and doesn't worry about much. He says, "A car is a fool dangerous contraption. Worse'n a bicycle." He is also tough and many people are somewhat scared to challenge him. When Mary Willis was talking to Loma about getting Hoyt to try to change grandpa's mind she said "Hoyt don't even dare to ast Pa to raise his pay. Get your Camp onto him." He is my favorite character although many people in the family and town think it is wrong for him to marry Miss Simpson but I think he does it for a good reason. I like grandpa and the way he thinks. I think I think like he does sort of and I like things simple like him. I think that the story has a very complex, hard to explain theme. It really depends on how you look at it and I think it shows different themes and morals throughout the story. I think that the main theme is that love can be very complicated and not easy to deal with. That is the message that I got from the story whether the author tried to convey it or not. Overall I thought this was a pretty good book. I have read better books but it was pretty interesting. It was long but the length of a book does not bother me if I can get into it and I could get into this one. I think that most people who read this book should like it not just a select few and I think most anyone would benefit from reading it. I would probably recommend reading this book to my peers. Your Friend, C.J. Smith


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378 words - 2 pages Author Background The author of Cold Sassy Tree, Olive Ann Burns, was born in 1924. Her real name is Amy Larkin. When she first had thoughts about writing, she did not know anything about writing structure and didn't know any literary terms at all. But when she was diagnosed with cancer in 1975 she decided to go for it and write a book. This book was called Cold Sassy Tree and happened to be her only published book. Before writing Cold

A Letter To Teft Of The Book Bless The Beasts And The Children- Used For Ideas For Similar Assignment

331 words - 2 pages Free Dear Teft: As I read about you, I wonder why, although you have a genteel background, you chose a rebellious form of behavior. You wired cars, took them for joy rides, as well as other forms of mischief. It was not, however, your criminal background that caused your parents to punish you by sending you to camp at Box Canyon. Instead, it was because of your actions when you traveled to Exeter School with your father to petition for

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843 words - 4 pages story ever. The time came, I was getting ready for bed. My heart was pounding, and I even heard drumrolls inside my head. The letter was folded three times with a unique, red stamp on it. It was about same as a typical paper size. But the paper she used was old and smelled like a page from an antique book. As soon as I opened the letter, I noticed her handwriting. She had the best penmanship I had ever seen. I was pretty sure that she used a thick

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264 words - 2 pages The Scarlet LetterS.A.Nathaniel Hawthorne was a major American novelist who was born and raisedin. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the scarlet letter, and in the scarletletter. Nathaniel Hawthorne invites the reader to sympathize with Hester Prynne'sexperience in the rigid and unforgiving atmosphere of the puritian socity.Throughout the book Hawthorn has many hidden descriptions of the scarletletter. The scarlet letter first stands for adultery

The Outsiders Essay about symbolism in the novel - Southern Hills Middle School- Humanities - Essay

4099 words - 17 pages book are Dally and Darry. The author describes Darry’s eyes as being “cold as ice.”(7.2) This symbolizes his personality towards Ponyboy as mean and serious. Unlike Darry, Dally’s blue eyes symbolize his hatred for the world. His eyes are like “blazing ice,”(10.2) and full of hatred for the world. This shows that Dally is as harsh as winter. Each character’s eye color is described to represent each of their personalities. Eye color is one the most

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436 words - 2 pages Free situation. I was in a situation pending a present. I had to purchase as many inimitable presents and send to everyone that I knew. I found a prescribed quaint present that would be great for everyone. Then I became scrimp. I was not reluctant to buy all these presents. This was because I didn't want a vengeance consequence.In the evening I was really rushed because I didn't have a Christmas tree yet. I found one on the way back home and eradicated

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571 words - 3 pages Darcy and vice versa. In the end, they come to the conclusion that they both love each other, so they get married. Concluded by their character development, the author shows many valuable things to take from her book. Elizabeth is originally cold towards Darcy. He puts off a vibe that she receives as arrogant and selfish. As a result of his high social status and wealth, she believes he is just plain ignorant and rude. Elizabeth’s sister and a

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4031 words - 17 pages looks up and see’s me looking at the little sketch, he closes the book abruptly. “It’s deathly cold in here,” he mumbles, looking away at the door once again. “Too cold for daisy’s,” I reply, rubbing my hand over my forearm, shivering. "I have something for you. The institution wanted me to use it to blackmail you into a quick confession," he says, as he gingerly reaches his arm across the metal table to hand me a small stained wooden box. As I

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416 words - 2 pages around and could see in my peripheral vision what looked like a tree branch. He broke out in laughter when he heard the snap of the tree branch across my head. When I had realized what had just happened I gave him a quick elbow to his kidney for not warning me. All that could be heard was the wind blowing past us and the napping of the sticks beneath the tires. I had to constantly check over my shoulder to make sure I wouldn't be hit with

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1263 words - 6 pages nothing”, this notion of desolation and despair is reinforced, as the tree, symbolic of life and redemption, offers no salvation. As such, traditional religious paradigms are inverted with a mere diversion for humanity. As Estragon and Vladimir persist in their waiting for Godot, perhaps a representation of God who never appears, Beckett exploits the reality of his Cold War age to reveal that humanity was waiting for a hopeless and unspecified

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993 words - 4 pages Lauryl Bankson College Composition II- Toliver 13 February 2019 Summary and Analysis of King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, which was later published in King’s book “Why We Can’t Wait”, in response to criticism of nonviolent protests that took place in Birmingham, Alabama on Easter weekend 1963. King was taken into custody on April 16, 1963 for parading without a permit while

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1153 words - 5 pages had on family ancestry and the treatment of indigenous people during the 1970s, I decided to discover my own family tree. The walls of the blue//////// room family history centre sat an array of books and newspapers with a cold concrete feeling and musty old smell. At the doors sat an old white lady with a bird’s nest of grey hairs sticking out of her bun. “I had come to the centre in search of my family public record”, I approached the lady only

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486 words - 2 pages assume the role of the most powerful factor. Henry Wallace Letter 1. Sourcing: Who was Henry Wallace? When did he write this letter? He was Vice President, he wrote the letter in July 23, 1946. 2. Close Reading: What is Wallace’s main argument? That to the rest of the world we look sketchy. 3. Corroboration: How does Wallace’s description of American foreign policy compare to Truman’s and Novikov’s? That we look like we are preparing to win the war on using military as a tactic to intimidate the rest of the world. Hypothesis: The United States were primarily responsible for the Cold War.

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1539 words - 7 pages seek for treasure in the jewelled skies, Albeit he soared with an undaunted wing? Hast thou not dragged Diana from her car? And driven the Hamadryad from the wood To seek a shelter in some happier star? Hast thou not torn the Naiad from her flood, The Elfin from the green grass, and from me The summer dream beneath the tamarind tree? Edgar Allan Poe (1829) Yet Do I Marvel I doubt not God is good, well-meaning, kind, And did He stoop to quibble

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1839 words - 8 pages travels in waves and is produced by hot, energetic objects. Light bulbs are hot, energetic objects. If you have ever touched a lightbulb while it is on, you know it is hot. You know the light bulb needs energy because you have to turn the light switch on to provide electricity for it. The electricity flows through either a thin metal wire or a gas. The wire or gas glows and gives off light when heated. Sound If a tree falls in the forest and no