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Innocence of Steve Harmon
Anyone and everyone can get in trouble if you put yourself in a bad situation if you get involved with the wrong people. In Monster, by W.D. Myers, Steve Harmon is that “anyone” that got himself in trouble with the law because he is accused of having helped some bad teenagers to rob a drugstore and they ended up murdering someone. In Monster, by W.D Myers, I think Steve isn't guilty because Steve never gave a signal when walking out of the drugstore, Steve wrote in his notebook he wasn't guilty.
The first reason I think Steve is innocent is because Steve never gave a signal when walking out of the drug store. I know this because in the story Ms. O’Brien said, “ And do your remember the signal that Mr. O’Brien said, “And do you remember the signal that Mr. Evans said he received ? Bobo said that Steve came out of the drugstore and didn’t signal that anything was wrong. In other words, there was no signal.” This show’s Steve is innocent because Steve walked into and out of the drugstore. Many people do that. Just because he walked into the store and out doesn’t mean that he’s guilty of the crime. He could be going in to buy something like mint’s, like anyone else would at a store. Steve didn’t give any hand signal according to the book. He didn’t give any signal’s. Just because he walked in to the store and then out of the store doesn’t mean he committed a crime. Steve was just looking for mint’s and there’s no wrong in that. A lot of people go to the store’s and mall’s and a lot of other places. You may never know what can happen when, Just like Steve, walking in for mint’s can turn into being a crime. I don’t think he committed any crime, of helped any one to do so.
Another reason Steve isn’t guilty because he told his lawyer that he isn’t guilty , I know this because in the book, during a conversation with O’Brien, Steve said, “ I’m not guilty.” I said to her. You should have said I didn’t do it O’Brien said. This show’s Steve is innocent and the way they had that conversation sounds like he really means what he’s saying. Someone that “is guilty” doesn’t try so hard to prove that they are innocent. If he committed the crime, Steve would have given up if he was guilty. He would have confessed if he was but he didn’t, I think he would confess if he did the crime because he really hates jail as it say’s in the book. Steve is still trying to prove his innocence even though he is caught in trial. He would have told his lawyer the truth at the lest if he was guilty but he’s not & that show’s very much so that he is innocent. Also I think Steve is innocent because if he did commit the...

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