Caribbean History: Account For The Emancipation Of Slaves In Any One Caribbean Territory. Territory Choosen: French

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Subject: Caribbean HistoryAssignment: Account for the emancipation of slaves in any one Caribbean territory.Territory choosen: FrenchEmancipation in the French West Indies (F.W.I) was administered in 1848 based upon the argument that slavery was inhumane. The discovery, emphasized in Victor Schoelcher's report, caused dissatisfaction among the public, which in turn placed pressure on the government. It is perhaps rather interesting that the humanitarians had in the French West Indies a stronger role in emancipating the slaves as in comparison to other territories.Even before Victor Schoelcher's trip to the French colonies of Guadalupe, Martinique and French Guiana, the French had sh ...view middle of the document...

An example of this is of the coffee planter Le Jeune who killed four of his slaves. Fourteen of his slaves complained to the authorities but then white witnesses came forward, swore this was not true, and petitioned to have the slaves who complained whipped. The reality of the treatment of slaves ridiculed the laws in the Code Noir.In addition to this, Blacks were over worked, lived in atrocious conditions, and were viewed as having as much morals as a swine. Women in particular were treated as "supeordinate amazons who could...labour all day, perform sex all night, and be quite satisfied morally and culturally to exist outside the formal structures of marriage and family"(Hilary Beckles, "Sex and Gender in the Historiography of Caribbean Slavery"p:135). In fact, the planter, Foache's endless need for more slaves persuaded him to order female slaves who had miscarriages to be whipped and placed in iron collars until they became pregnant again. The fact that his reference was to a human being was lost on him. This is the situation Victor Schoelcher walked into in 1840.While this was going on in the French West Indies, in France the public was beginning to disapprove of slavery. Franklin W. Knight noted that in as early as 1792, slave riots had erupted in Paris with crowds burning many sugar establishments. In 1832 the tax on manumission was removed, and the following year branding and the like of slaves were forbidden. In 1834, the French Society for the Abolition of Slavery (F.S.A.S) was established and in 1836 slaves, on arriving into France were considered free. The president of the F.S.A.S, Duc de Broglie considered that the gradual emancipation of slaves should limit the chaos that everyone was sure would erupt when the slaves were freed. In 1845, a commission was appointed with de Broglie as chairman. Unfortunately, the commission's conclusion satisfied no one. After this, the rein was passed over to Victor Schoelcher.Many histori...


African slavery in the Caribbean - History - Assignment

1108 words - 5 pages The British and French Caribbean – Patrick Wilson-Boyd From 1662 to 1833, slavery was a huge economic growth for the British and French Caribbean. Throughout this period, more and more Africans were being brought all around the British Empire, and by the early 18th century 80% of the Caribbean population was black. The slaves were used on plantations throughout the Caribbean, consequently, the plantation economy relied on the labour of slaves

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3338 words - 14 pages language of France is French. A greater number of the population can speak both English and French. French is the most spoken language in the World followed by English. The most common sport in French is football. When it comes to religion of 60% of the French citizen are Christians. A distant second, we have Muslims who account for 20%. About 10% of the population in France is atheists. The remaining 10% is shared among a wide range of believers

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2124 words - 9 pages slave in 1712, he states that he would ‘eat boiled milk for breakfast’ and ‘boiled beef for dinner’. He also says he would play billiards with his master, Mr Dunn. His account made it clear how domestic slaves could be treated as parts of the family and were given a much more comfortable life in comparison to other slaves. Even if domestic slaves in some circumstances could be treated better by being fed better and more often and having less

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696 words - 3 pages -Nobles of the Robei)Nobles of the Estate-Lived on their country Estates (owned Land)-Insisted Peasants pay heavy Feudal Dues-Taxes-Service / labor-Share of cropsii)Nobles of the Sword- Owned land but most lived in luxury at Palace of Versailles originally wealthy but wasted fortunes and were supported by the state - came from taxes of the 3rd estate. Highest Position in army and navy but incompetent and not qualified for these positions.iii)Nobles of

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1935 words - 8 pages and the British sincerely wanted the laws that were in place to cripple the French heritage and history to be disbanded. The conquest in 1760 was conducted at suppressing the French people's right to live in dignity and peace in New France. However, in the years following the conquest of the French territory, British solution to the question of how to govern and treat a foreign people was guided by benevolence than pragmatism or chance. The

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632 words - 3 pages How significant was the emancipation of the serfs in 1861 to Russia’s economic growth in the years up to 1894? The emancipation of the serfs in 1861 by the Tsar Alexander II has been said was probably the greatest single piece of state-directed social engineering in modern European history before the twentieth century. There are some evidences that showed the emancipation had brought some level of economic growth to Russia but there were also

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698 words - 3 pages fight the war, consequently breaking the backbone of rebellion, unlike like any other advantage (Document D). Another way Lincoln weakened the South by freeing the slaves, was stripping the South of all foreign help. Lincoln believed that Emancipation would turn the international popular opinion in favor of the Union and its new anti-slavery cause (Document B). The emancipation of slaves was a strong political move in denying the Confederacy

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550 words - 3 pages Free for cleaning up the disorder. In Zombie Financial matters, John Quiggin elucidates how these dead considerations still walk around us- - and why we should make sense of how to butcher them for the last time if we are to avoid a significantly more prominent cash related crisis later on. 2. How is the ‘’Zombie metaphor’’ used to relate to economics? -Zombies metaphor used to relate the situation of our fear of dying down monetary domain and dying

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672 words - 3 pages do away with the death penalty altogether. After debate, the French Legislative Assembly decided to leave capital punishment in place; however, torture was abolished. On December 10, 1789, in a presentation made to the Assembly, Dr. Joseph Guillotine put forth an idea for a more humane killing machine, one that would come to bear his name. The guillotine provided a more compassionate death for each of its victims, and did so in an efficient manner

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