Casinos, Are They Good For Ontario?

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Are casinos good for Ontario? To every situation there are positive andnegative points. In the situation of casinos, the positive side has a very strong casethat outweighs the negative side. One of the main reasons that they are good isthat numerous jobs are created by and for the government. Another positive aspectis that the government and local charities will get some of the revenue created atthese gambling locations. Along with these reasons, a lot of the people that willcome to visit the casinos, from Canada or the United States and encourage thetourism industry. Casinos are a good solution for many problems includingtourism and government funding.One of the most important reasons why ...view middle of the document...

5 In Ontario alone it's expected that 160 million dollars6 is given tocharities. With this additional funding the charities will be able to help so manymore people that they would otherwise without this funding.One more of the bonuses of having casinos in Ontario is the fact that theybring tourists in from other areas of the province or other countries. Both thecasinos in Niagra and Windsor attract large quantities of people from the UnitedStates. If we did not have the gaming houses people from these locations andOntarians would just go to another place to gamble, like Las Vegas. Although isno way to tell the number of tourists coming to the casino and then going to otherbusinesses in the district to spend money it is know that on average casinos inOntario attract 14,0007 people per day. With that many people going to thesecities each day, who knows how many will be visiting other places to spendmoney.People may say that there are a lot of people that are becoming addicted togambling each day, but the average person spends only $578 each time they...

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