Cloning Reflection Written By A Catholic

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Human cloning also has many factors that, at the present time, are unpredictable, which causes many people to fear the possibilities of human cloning. The amount of attempts at cell fusion for the sheep Dolly was beyond belief. First, scientists attempted 277 fusions between the nucleus of the activated cell and the egg of the mother; only 29 of these began to divide. The scientists then implanted these 29 dividing cells into mother sheep. Of the 29 implanted cells, 13 mothers became pregnant, and from the 13 pregnant sheep, only one, Dolly, survived. Obviously, if the same procedures were done on humans, endless amounts of fetuses would be killed, and in actual fact, human cloning wo ...view middle of the document...

Another factor that most people don't realize is that the clones will have a shorter life expectancy than that of a normal human being. Cells seem to have a defined life span built into them. "Dolly" was created from a cell that was about 6 years old; this is middle age for an ewe. It appears that Dolly's cells are also middle-aged. She was, in essence, about 6 years old when she was born. She is expected to live only for 5 years, which is shorter than the normal life span of 11 years. If this is also true of humans, then cloned people will have a reduced life expectancy. The cloning technique could take many years off their life. With this speculation, most clones would probably live anywhere from twenty to forty years less than the average person, depending on when the cell was taken out of the original person. Because of this shorter life expectancy, pro-cloning reasons such as "infertility" and "replicating a loved one" would be futile because the clone would only live to be around 30.The biblical perspective on cloning is hard to cover. Since there are no scripture verses that relate directly to cloning, it is hard from a Christian view to directly refute cloning as against God's will. God has given us scriptures relating to life in general though. Since a lot of would be babies are killed in cloning research, cloning is a lot like abortion. Jeremiah 1:5 talks about how God knew him before he was born. This verse shows how much God cares for us, even before we are born. If God knows us before we are born, then he knows every little baby that is killed, even if it is during cloning research. The bible shows that God is not only against abortion but also, in a sense against cloning. Genesis 2:7 says "and the Lord God formed a man's body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man becomes a living person." This scripture is saying that God makes us with His own hands, and gives us life. By cloning, we are trying to form man with our mere mortal, human hands. I'm sure God will still make the clone distinctive from the original person. It is the fact that humans are taking a more "hands on" role in the creation a human being that is disturbing.After extensive research, we realize that cloning technology has many great advantages for the human race. The possibility of cloning organs, curing diseases, stopping gene...


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882 words - 4 pages unknown to man, to date. One defining achievement was the cloning of a sheep named "Dolly" by Dr. Ian Wilmut of Roslin Institute in 1996. This historic success debunked all previous biology myths, which termed cloning as nothing but a fantasy. Now, it is possible for us to use the cells from an adult organism to create another genetically identical organism. Suddenly it seems like science fiction story of cloning humans has become not-so-distant