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Rural electric cooperatives are formed in order tobring rural areas of the United States fast, affordable, andefficient electricity. An electric co-op is designed tooffer you electricity at a cheaper rate and enables one tomake use of modern electric conveniences. Conveniences thatan electric co-op bring include hot water, lights, and heat.Imagine how life would be with these electric conveniencesat your disposal. Life as it is known would be completelydifferent; more relaxed, more comfortable, and much easier.Even though there is a small fee required to join the co-opthink of all the advantages you will receive. Hot water is a distinct electric convenience that youcould enjoy if you decide to form an electric co-op. Hotwater not only allows ...view middle of the document...

thereby increasing yourfarm production by being able to work at a steady pace for alonger period of time. Imagine not having to blow out orrelight candles, with the flip of a switch you automaticallylighted the entire house. Electric lighting is not only oneof the most common conveniences, it is the most practical. Modern day heating compared to the burning of wood orcoal is a very welcomed change in American society. A woodburning stove is now a thing of the past. Imagine theheating of your entire home with electricity. Chopping wood,hauling coal, and stoking the fire will become a memory fromdays gone by. I guarantee that you will enjoy being able tocontrol the warmth of your of your home at the flip of aswitch. the environment will also profit by the use ofelectric heating, By having cleaner air and being able toretain possession of one of it's most treasured possessions- trees. The conveniences cited above may be conveyed to youeffectively by an electric cooperative. Try to imagine allof the modern conveniences listed in your very own home. Ifcost is a factor in making the switch from your accustomedto a more modernize life, most co-ops only ask a five dollarmembership fee. If you think the co-op could be the thingfor you and would like to apply for membership and acceptthe responsibilities it requires then it does not matteryour gender, race, or religion. you are automaticallyaccepted for membership. One of the more lucrative aspectsof being a member in the co-op, is that you will be able toparticipate in the governing of it. Finally the rural areascan now be connected to the city life by forming an electricco-op. If you desire service that is fast, efficient, andaffordable definitely consider forming an electriccooperative in your area.

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