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Cash handoutAdvantages1. Contrary to what government officials speculate, economists do not think handing over cash to people will have minimal impact on inflation. Inflation is influenced mainly on external factors like currency fluctuations and prices of commodity, items we rely heavily from imports.2. Even if people would prefer receiving cash bounty over MPF savings, not all of them would be spending the cash they'll receive. Irina Fan Yuen-yee, a senior economist with Hang Seng Bank, agreed that only half the handouts would flow into the economy. If estimates were to come true, the impact on inflation would indeed be minimal.3. Qualified recipients ...view middle of the document...

There are no middle men involved like in the present PDS system where everything has to pass through a long chain and with every additional link the quality and quantity deteriorates.7. There are very less chance of corruption as the money is transferred directly.8. A new section of people are introduced into the banking system and banks may be encouraged to come with new micro-finance instruments and encourage poor people to save money9. Everybody gets the same amount of money - fair.Disadvantages1. With cash i hand, the appetite for locals to travel would increase the demand and push holiday packages higher. This phenomenon also applies to many other commodities from dining to personal consumption, and could make locals spend more than they really need to, thereby forgoing a prudent and efficient lifestyle.2. Since not everyone in Hong Kong will receive the amount, not everyone will enjoy the benefits but may carry the burden of adverse effects this government cash handout is going to bring. I think it's a bit unfair to expats who have stayed for less than six years but paid taxes or helped raise funds for charity, domestic helpers who have no chance of acquiring permanent residence by virtue of their jobs but contributed to the economy, albeit indirectly, and new migrants from China who may have difficulty in adjusting to the higher cost of living in Hong Kong.3. Certainly the cash handout by the government is a short-term solution to money problems.4. Inflation - the increment in the cash entitlement will have to keep pace with the rate of inflation in the country.


Essay On The Genetic Engineering Debate

422 words - 2 pages the possibility that genetically engineered food isn't as nutritious as organic food.As it is, this debate has been on quite a large scale, with people going both ways. To try and simulate this, I asked 20 people what they thought of genetic engineering, and whether or not they thought it was a good idea. Out of this, 15 of them said no, and 5 said yes.The people who said no more or less said the same thing: "Genetic engineering is messing with

British Nuclear Deterrent Debate 1940s - History - Debate Notes

593 words - 3 pages British nuclear deterrent debate The first stumbling block was the shock US decision to halt nuclear co-operation with Britain at the end of World War II. From being partners in the fabled Manhattan Project, Britain was left initially largely to its own (nuclear) devices. But the then Labour Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, declared that Britain had to have a nuclear weapon with a "bloody Union Jack on top of it". Britain did become the third

Debate Report 1 for the debate that we heard about debating debaters that only wanted to debate - FSU CLA2123 - Report

1440 words - 6 pages Ross Panariello CLA 2123 Debate 1 Report Pro: Roman Senator The Roman senator on the pro side started their debate by displaying Ethos. The senator lead off the debate by referencing their official position. Furthermore, there was an abundance of demonstrations of Pathos and Logos as well. For example, the senator attempted to appeal to the pride of the Roman citizens. The senator mentioned to the people that a failure to commence in war would

modern technology brings families together - UTS - debate

512 words - 3 pages Good afternoon Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. The topic of our debate is That modern technology can bring families together. We define the topic as technology like mobile phones offer chances for family to interact and keep in touch with each other more frequently. We, the affirmative team believe that this statement is true. Today as first speaker I will be talking to you about 2 points. The first point is that modern technologies like

Free Speech Debate UIL Debate Topic - South Grand Prairie HS - research paper

940 words - 4 pages Market Place of Ideas – A theory that, in a free market of ideas, bad ideas will be subordinated to good ideas in the long run as good idea will win more adherently in the absence of government pressure to adopt one idea. I offer the following Frame work for this debate: First, my value for this debate is freedom of speech, as the resolution asks us to examine those institutions in which free speech is vital to insure a free flow of

Final Debate Argument as to why to be anti-immigrant - LAR 101 - Final Debate Argument

2779 words - 12 pages Zavodny, 2012, p. 88). ■ If amnesty is granted for the illegal immigrants, it would put an enormous strain on the for native-born citizens and other legal immigrants (Orrenius and Zavodny, 2012, p. 94) ■ Ted Cruz, a former Presidential Candidate and Senator for Texas, said, “The people that get forgotten in this debate over immigration are the hardworking men and women of this country, millions of Americans are losing jobs. We have always welcomed

Sports and Performance Enhancement drugs(PED) Debate - Conventry University - Essay

602 words - 3 pages English Essay Title: Sports and Performance Enhancement drugs(PED) Debate As news of athletes failing doping tests have been reported lately, the debate on whether to ban enhancement drugs aroused again. Just years before the scandal of Armstrong bought spotlight to the PED issue, and now the Olympic has rekindled the spark of debate. Critics of the ban conceive taking enhancement drugs is a means of pursuing excellence. While the supporter

AUSTRALIA DAY DEBATE - English Analysis - Avila College - Essay

1036 words - 5 pages · AUSTRALIA DAY ISSUE “NOTHING SCARED HERE TO SEE” · 26 January, Judith Ireland In Australia, the summer season is the time during which a fiery debate reoccurs almost every January, addressing the controversial issues of the national holiday, Australia Day. Judith Ireland’s opinion piece, published January 26th, was written with the purpose of conveying the message that the celebration of Australia Day ignores the violent history of Australia

the ongoing wild vs. farm-raised salmon debate - nothern virginia community college/english 112 - argumentative

465 words - 2 pages All, Please find below instructions for Essay #2: Essay #2: Current Events and Analysis Thus far, we’ve discussed various aspects of argumentation and logical thought. You’ve all done a sound job thinking through these concepts in class. Now, your task is to apply these concepts in your own written analysis. Topic and Purpose: Take a position on a current events issue and evaluate the current debate. Here, your current events issue is the

Fiscal Policy A Sinking U.S. Dollar Dominates The Debate At Davos

657 words - 3 pages The article I have chosen to analyze is from printed on January 27, 2005. The title of the article is A Sinking U.S. Dollar Dominates the Debate at Davo. This article discusses the relentlessly sinking dollar and the inability to find and an answer to the problem. It indicates how economists, politicians and business executives are very concerned about the imbalances in the global financial system, which is reflected in the dollar's

Right to Bear Arms, Gun Control debate and the Second Amendment - Government - Final Paper

2437 words - 10 pages authority to disarm citizens. Americans have debated the meaning of the Second Amendment, with passionate arguments being made on both sides. The essence of the debate is whether the amendment protects the right of private individuals to keep and bear arms, or whether it instead protects a cumulative right that should be exercised only through formal militia units. Over the last several decades, there has been debate over whether the use of firearms

The debate whether or not globalization is good for our economy - Economics - Essay

927 words - 4 pages Is Globalization Good or Bad? The debate of globalization, the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale, is usually viewed as very two dimensional, either good or bad. However, in some viewpoints it can be seen as too complicated of an issue to decide if the overall effect of its components are good or bad. Globalization has an overwhelming amount of good and

Short Report On The Ratification Debate. Federalists/Anti-Federalists. 581 Words

649 words - 3 pages central government. They were also concerned about the safeguards of the new Constitution. The Anti-Federalists feared a strong national government. If it was to be implemented, they felt that it should be modified to give the national government the least possible power.There was a variety of key issues during the debate. The Anti-Federalists argued that the delegates in Philadelphia had exceeded their authority by replacing the Articles of

Era Debate- Women during the 1920's in America - Women in 1920's until 1960's in America - Essay

931 words - 4 pages During the 1920s, women’s rights activists were involved in a heated debate about the best way to achieve equality for women. Some activists believed that men and women were the same, and thus an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that made men and women legally equal in industry was necessary. Others argued that men and women were different, and thus protective labour legislation for women was necessary to equalize conditions between working men and

research paper on Stacey Abrams speech and her debate she had with Brian Kemp. - Englsih - Research Paper

475 words - 2 pages To begin with I never really watch the debate. The debate was actually very interesting. Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp has different opinions on how they wanna change things. Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp are both hoping to convince voters that they can be trusted with running the eighth most populous state, where rapid demographic change is afoot. if Stacey Abrams elected, she would be the first black woman in the United States to become a