Discrimination In The Work Place Kent State Essay

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Alexis Brunoni
Professor Mokros
College Writing II
September 24, 2018
Unequal Treatment of Women in the Workforce
1. The year is currently 2018 and working women are still making less for doing the same job as men.
2. According to Danielle Paquette, publisher for the Washington Post, “The Census Bureau calculates that the median woman in the United States makes 79 cents for every buck paid to the median man” (par. 5). A8 NEWSPAPER TITLES SHOULD BE ITALICIZED
3. Women have struggled with their equal role in society.
4. During the early 1800s COMMAwomen were seen as second-class citizens.
5. Today, men are seen as one step above women on the “importance” status or ladder. REWORD: “IMPORTANCE” STATUS OR LADDER AWKWARD
6. This summary will review a brief history of women in the workplace, outline the current pay gap between men and women, and DISCUSS how women with higher education are more likely to experience gender discrimination.
7. “In the 1800s, women were thought to be weak, unintelligent, and overall inferior to men” (Lives of Women).
8. As men were allowed to vote, own property and hold labor HYPHEN intensive jobs, women were not seen as equals AND, THEREFORE, DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THESE RIGHTS. to have access to these rights.
9. Women were merely trapped in their own house to perform domestic duties.
10. “Women had no control of their lives. Everything was entirely controlled by the men in the society. First, their fathers and brothers would control them when they are still young and when they are married, their husbands would finally control them” (Bakken and Farrington p. 327). A7—NOT PROPER MLA CITATION IN TEXT
11. As the 1800s progressed and the civil war ended and many men had died in battle THIS IS AWKWARD--REWORD, more women were in need of a source of income.
12. As more women entered the workforce, many soon began to question their working rights.
13. This became a large concern and many unions started to form.
14. The National Labor Union, which protected workers WORKERS’ rights in relation to their employers, started accepting women as members.
15. By doing so, this allowed women to boycott or go on strike for their rights.
16. As women started to retaliate and demand THAT THEY HAVEwomen have the same working rights as men, this THIS IS INDEFINITE HERE—RESTRUCTURE THIS SENTENCE led into the Women’s Suffrage movement.
17. By 1848, a group of abolitionists gathered in Seneca Falls, New York.
18. During this meeting, 300 men and women signed the Declaration of Sentiments, which set high hopes of ending discrimination AGAINST of women in all aspects of society.
19. As time progressed into the early 1900s and World War II was declared, men left to fight in the war so this COMMA WHICH left hundreds of open jobs positions.
20. It was then left up to women to fill these roles.
21. They were left to fill not only service HYPHEN related jobs that were...

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