Discuss The Xylem And Phloem. (Structure, Changes In The Xylem Of Woody Plants, Transport)

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XylemStructureXylem's structure serves a duel purpose; support and transport. Cells that will become xylem add more material to the primary cell walls that most plant cells lay down. The thicker walls can be either disconnected rings or extensive secondary cell walls that cover the cell almost completely. Secondary thickenings are made up of cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a tough organic compound that makes wood strong and dense. When the cell walls of xylem conducting cells are complete they die. The contents within the cell disintegrate and leave a strong hollow cylinder filled with water. Water can travel in kind of a straight line due to the fact that these cells are stacked on top ...view middle of the document...

Water can't just defy the laws of gravity. This is why root pressure is a major part of root transport. The pressure depends on active transport of ions from the soil to the xylem in the center of the root. Osmosis is responsible for the water following, in result this builds up pressure in the xylem vessels. Since the endodermis keeps water from escaping back to the soil the water climbs up. Active transport in roots uses a considerable amount of energy so then; they need a nice supply of oxygen. When the soil is full of moisture and oxygen and it's rather humid out, guttation occurs. Guttation is when the leaves are close to the roots and the pressure is high in the roots; because of the humidity in the air, the water can't evaporate fast enough and water pokes out the tips of the leaves. (Aww, cute, it pokes out) Root pressure does not account for all the transport of water; it can only push water up about a meter, not much further. That means there must be something pulling from above, such as transpiration pull. Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the leaves. The way in which water is moved upward depends on the properties of water. (1) Transpiration occurs. (2) Water loss creates deficit which must be quickly remedied. The neighboring cell walls replace the water and this process goes on for a bit. After there aren't any neighbors to draw water from the water lost is replaced by water from a conducting cell in the xylem at the tip of a veinlet in the leaf. (3) Water molecules attract each other, in other words they're coherent. (4) Xylem vessels and tracheids are narrow tubes. Transpiration is responsible for getting the process going. Cohesion allows it to keep going. That's why it's called ...


Discuss the hormones in plants and their actions. (auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid, ethylene)

463 words - 2 pages , growth of lateral buds, production of xylem, development of fruits, and can help produce ethylene. Auxin causes the root to grow downward and shoot to grow upward. It's responsible for the bending of plants towards light and water. It also makes trees produce more xylem for thickness. Auxin causes plasma membrane to transport four ions out o the cell. Synthetic auxins are used to kill weeds. Agent Orange is used to kill unwanted trees or to

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the study of the changes in bone formation - djds - genetics

1076 words - 5 pages reach the nectar in a cardinal flower and as they feed their foreheads bump into the pollen structure. Cardinal flowers are red which hummingbirds can see but bees can’t. Cardinal flower’s pollen structure is just the right length for the hummingbird to pick up pollen as it feeds. 6 The Galloti atlantica and Galloti galloti lizards evolved through natural selection from a common ancestor into a wide variety of different looking lizards. 7 Whales

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571 words - 3 pages plants and animals. This event is history is called the Agricultural Revolution.Geography caused people to settle down and switch to agriculture because global warming caused the Ice Age glaciers to retreat so new lands opened up. Eventually the early humans spilled seeds and learned to domesticate plants and animals. Food gatherers got the idea of agriculture. People learned how to make hoes to loosen the soil and sickles to harvest grain. Fertile