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Dna Structure And Replication Essay

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DNA is usually a double-helix and has two strands running in opposite directions. Each chain is made of subunits called nucleotides.Each strand has a backbone made up of deoxy-ribose sugar molecules (5 sugars) linked together by phosphate groups.Each sugar molecule is covalently linked to one of four possible bases, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine. A and G are larger molecules (called purines) and C and T are smaller ...view middle of the document...

The A-T pair has 2 hydrogen bonds and the G-C pair has 3 hydrogen bonds. The G-C interaction is therefore stronger (by about 30%) than A-T.DNA REPLICATIONDNA replicates, following the process of semiconservative replication. Each strand of the original molecule is separated and complemented with a new strand to bond withThe two strands of the double helix are first separated by the enzyme helicase, which attaches to the molecule and untwists and separates it. With the assistance of enzyme polymerase, spare nucleotides available inside the cell are bound to the individual strands following the rules of complementary base pairing: adenine (A) to thymine (T) and guanine (G) to cytosine (C).Two strands of DNA are obtained from one, having produced two daughter molecules which are identical to one another and to the parent molecule.BIBLIOGRAPHY


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1855 words - 8 pages Food and Drugadministration for use in treating the AIDS virus is called AZT, which stands forazido-thymidine. AZT was released under the brand name of Retrovir and it's chemicalname is Zidovudine, or ZDV. The structural name of AZT is 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine. AZT works by inhibiting the process of copying DNA in cells. Morespecifically, AZT, inhibits the reverse transcriptase enzyme, which is involved in theDNA replication process. When DNA


1785 words - 8 pages replication, and decrease cholesterol levels (American Dietetic Association 1999; Homsey 1999; Zimmerman 2000). With health-care costs being a major issue today, it would be cost effective to continue the research needed to help promote the awareness and consumption of phytochemicals as a prevention strategy for the public (American Dietetic Association 1999). Individual phytochemicals are being evaluated for their safety and effectiveness in regard

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2315 words - 10 pages well. Protein microarrays making use of new developments in protein engineering and detection have recently emerged. The basic construction of such protein chips has some similarities to DNA chips, such as the use of glass or plastic surface dotted with an array of molecules. With fluorescent markers or other methods of detection revealing the spots that have captured these proteins, protein micro arrays are being used as powerful tools in high

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2561 words - 11 pages (intracellular enzymes) and they could also secrete enzymes for action outside the cell (extracellular enzymes). The microorganisms chosen are usually cultured in large fermentation chambers under conditions that are controlled, so that the maximum amount of enzymes can be produced. The microorganisms may have specific genes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering so that they produce enzymes naturally made by other organisms.Enzymes used in

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5259 words - 22 pages development of drugs and produce. One such company is known as Amgen."Amgen pioneered the development of novel products based on advances in recombinant DNA and molecular biology and launched the biotechnology industry's first blockbuster medicines" (htt://, 2005). Since its inception, Amgen has proven itself as a valuable asset to the biotech industry. The company has developed medications that help cure patients

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3072 words - 13 pages acids, four nitrogen bases, and simple sugars. Each of Earth’s past and present forms of life are, or were composed of a combination of those building blocks called RNA or DNA. In the very beginning of life on Earth, the genetic structure was very simple, but as time has gone by, the best combinations in the genetic sequence were individuals that reproduced. Over the approximated 3.5 billion years that life has been in existence on Earth

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8105 words - 33 pages the genesis of developmentTHE NERVOUS SYSTEM is relatively independent of the sensory organization. However, the eye and general sensory receptors, are directly derived from the nervous systemDuring evolution, relationships between the nervous system and the sense organs are modifie In invertebrates, the nervous system appears to be only an accessory structure to the sensory system. In vertebrates, the importance of the nervous system becomes so

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3352 words - 14 pages comparing b-chains of man and platypus, there are thirty four average differences. A chart and a graph can help us better understand these points (See Table 4.) The amino acids that have changed are a result of mutated DNA that has proven beneficial to the carrier mutant. This process, as stated before, is the basis of evolution.Speaking solely of hemoglobin, the variances between species can be shown through greater or less affinity for oxygen. 'H. F

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