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AssignmentSeminar paper JEZSEJ115 17.05.2013THE TYPES OF VOWEL SOUNDS IN ENGLISH( Short and long vowels, diphthongs )CONTENT:- INTRODUCTION- SHORT VOWELS- LONG VOWELS- SCHWA - ə- DIPHTHONGSINTRODUCTIONVowels are funny things in two very different ways. First, they are always produced with one's vocal folds vibrating and - in contrast to most consonants -without any obstruction from one's tongue or lips. When one pronounces a vowel (as for instance a very long i:::: ) the air escapes freely between the tongue and palate. If the tongue is moved higher while pronouncing the ( i :::: ), one can begin to feel the point of obstruction as the friction sets and it becomes a ( j :::: ). We mi ...view middle of the document...

The pronunciation is indicated using IPA symbols along three dimensions:Closeness - how closed or how open the mouth is.Backness - how far back in the mouth the vowel is articulated.Roundedness - whether the lips are rounded.David Jones has developed the theory of 'cardinal vowels', which are vowel sound produced when the tongue is in an extreme position, either front or back, high or low.( Antimoon, how to learn English effectively )Table of cardinal vowelsclose front unrounded vowel -[i]close-mid front unrounded vowel- [e]open - mid front rounded vowel - [ɛ]open front unrounded vowel - [a]open back unrounded vowel - [ɑ]open- mid back rounded vowel - [ɔ]close- mid back rounded vowel - [o]close back rounded vowel - [u]close front rounded vowel - [y]close- mid front rounded vowel - [ø]open- mind front rounded vowel -(œ]open front rounded vowel -(ɶ]open back rounded vowel - [ɒ]open -mid back unrounded vowel - [ʌ]close - mid back unrounded vowel - [ɤ]close back unrounded vowel - [ɯ]close central unrounded vowel - [ɨ]close central rounded vowel - [ʉ](Cardinal vowel Wikipedia)English short vowelEnglish has a large number of vowel sounds, the first ones we shall examined are the short vowelsɪ , e , æ , ʌ , ɒ , ʊɪ / for example 'bit', 'pin', or 'fish'e / for example 'bet', 'men', or 'yes'æ / for example 'bat', 'man', or 'ɡas'ʌ / for example 'but', 'some', or 'rush' (This is a central vowel, and the lip position is neutral.)ɒ / for example 'pot', 'gone', or 'cross' (This vowel is not quite fully back, and between open / mid and open in tongue height. The lips are slightly rounded.)ʊ / for example 'put', 'pull', or 'push'. (This is more opened and nearer to a central vowel. The lips are rounded.)LONG VOWELSLong vowel i: for example, 'cheese', pronounced ( tʃ:z ), where the vowel is said with lip spreading. Shorter version of i: is * ɪ *, as in * fɪt *.Lonɡ vowel ɜ: as in 'bird'→ / bɜ:d /This is a central vowel wich is well known in most Enɡlish accents as a hestation sound spelt * er *. The lip position is neutral.for example → should pretty younɡ Myrtle, have averted the flirtle, with Bertie the turtle? / ʃəd ˈ prɪti jʌŋ ˈ mɜːtɫ hævəˈvɜːtɪd ðə ˈ flɜəːtɫ wɪð ˈ bɜːtɫLonɡ ɑː for example 'half', or 'pass'. This is a open vowel and the lip position is neutral.Exampleː doctor / seɪ ɑː/Patient ː / aːːːːː/It is hard to start with / hɑːd, tə ˈ stɑːt wɪð/Lonɡ ɔː for example 'board', or 'horse'. The lips and jaw are more closed. This vowel is almost fully back and has stronɡ lip roundinɡ. For example, paw and pour, board ...


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