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Neuhaus, M., Healy, G. N., Dunstan, D. W., Owen, N., & Eakin, E. G. (2014). Workplace sitting and height-adjustable workstations: a randomized controlled trial. American journal of preventive medicine, 46(1), 30-40.
Remember, you are assessing the study which is described, and not this single publication.
Please complete these the questions presented as structured paragraphs as you would in an essay. Highlight your selection or cross-out the choice not applicable. Demonstrate your knowledge of epidemiological principles within each section and support your statements.
Show the structured PICO question of the study
The patient population in the Neuhaus, Healy, Dunstan, Owen, and Eakin (2014) study was comprised of office workers who were desk-based and who spent a majority of their work hours in the seated position. Ages ranged from 18-65, participants were from the same office department and had an assigned desk, and they were required to work a baseline of .5 FTE. In total, 44 participants agreed to the experiment and were placed within three groups: multi-component, workstations-only, and comparison (Neuhaus et al., 2014). Next, the study’s intervention intended to get participants more active in the workplace by installing a motivation ideology to get participants to take accountability of their time spent sitting and actively promote a “stand up, sit less” (p. 31) movement. Backed by social cognitive theory, participants encouraged the intervention between the group through “self-monitoring and problem solving” (p. 31). Additionally, participants were held accountable through weekly emails and a personal diary of their progress. Neuhaus et al. (2014) cites a comparative study, “Stand up Compare,” which utilized a different format for assessing time spent sitting among participants. Outcomes inform that participants did spend less time sitting, overall; however, participants did not add more steps to their daily routines which may suggest that an additional element could impact steps taken over time spent standing.
(Q1) Are the individuals selected to participate in the study likely to be representative of the target population?
1. Very likely
2. Somewhat likely

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