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GRIT essay
GRIT by Angela Duckworth was made to help prepare students for college, both physically and mentally. Her main argument is that the key to college success is passion and perseverance. Even Though college is quite rigorous, with a little grit anyone can succeed.
Passion is a major theme that arises many times in the story. Passion is putting your full effort and time into something which in this case is your school work. If you put time and effort into it, you will succeed. There are many pointers that Angela Duckworth gives us to acquire passion one of them is just to show up, if you don’t show up for class it means you don’t care and it will show it in your grade. She also tells us to practice or study and to have an interest in what you do if you are not interested you won’t try as hard. If you are not interested in your major find another one.
Perseverance is a personal quality which allows you to never give up even if someone knocks you down you get up and keep going. This is another major attribute for college, if you fail one test you shouldn’t give up you should just strive to get better grades on the future tests. Some classes seem impossible ...


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