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As a college student, I would need to be driven to meet my endless goals. The only way of doing so is to genuinely be passionate about what I plan to do. This world is immense, and I am only a miniscule piece of it. Yet, that will not change the fact that I plan to make a difference. My passion will change the world because with my diligence, ambition, and zeal, I will be able to save and change the lives of people as a compassionate doctor.
A good friend of mine once told me: “A drop in the ocean will cause a ripple.” The quote has stuck with me ever since she has uttered those words because I believe that it is true on many levels. A small act of kindness or justice will lead to more of them because the first few are the stepping stones. Contributing in anyway or form will make a change in any society. I am one of those drops of water going into the immeasurable ocean. When I become a doctor, I would directly impact the lives of my patients and I’m willing to do so in a positive way; moreover, being in the lives of so many people would change the world one step at a time.
My passion to help people pushes me to work hard in every aspect of my life. This desire to transform and help lives makes me more ambitious than I would have been otherwise. I strive to do the best that I could when I could, but at the same time I balance it with my work....

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