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Letter to the Chicago Bulls organization
From a Worried Fan
Our current roster has no depth and our “potential” is mainly focused around Lauri Markkanen, he had a pretty average rookie season on the team he really should’ve completely taken over. He is just a rookie and still does have potential but we have no one who can assist on this team, We picked Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, and Cameron Payne, In my opinion, this was a horrific trade, Zach Lavine can only score the basketball and even then is inconsistent at best, I mean sure he’s improved his shooting but still doesn’t play defense, the only good pick up is Kris Dunn, a very explosive guard with amazing ball handling and very good at defense but doesn’t have much shooting ability. The other players aren’t worth talking about, we aren’t drafting the best players for our team, we continue to draft small centers, for instance, Wendell Carter the newest draft pick is only a 6’10 center and that may seem tall but compared to some of the centers in the league he’s undersized. It seems like we are a young team making all of the wrong moves. We traded Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, and Derrick Rose for sub-par...

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