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Events Team Meeting Recap
❖ Events Team Hangout Out
➢ Lead: Marilyn
➢ Date: TBD
➢ Location: Brooklyn
■ Suggestions
● Activity
● Go out to dinner at a restaurant
● Activity and dinner
● Picnic (more people were leaning on the picnic)
❖ The Hunt
➢ Date: August 10th
➢ Location: All of Bayridge
➢ Ideas
■ Use coffee shop as headquarters. Last year the Cocoa Grinder was used as
the headquarters.
■ Four people on each team with a minimum of 1 adult.
● Person who registers team has to be 18 or older
● Minimum is 2 people on a team, maximum 4
■ Organize the list based on
● Alphabetical order with pts next to it
◆ Example: The watcher sees that someone posts shouting
out tigers in the street. The marker will go to “s” and check
how many pts the activity is worth.
● By points
● By numbers
◆ Example: Numbers 1-15 could be worth 1pt, 16-25 would
be worth 5pts
■ Activity and possible point worth
● Taking a picture of a shoe, fire hydrant, soda can pyramid - 1pt
● Taking a picture with a stranger, hand stand- (An activity that is
challenging)-10 pt
■ Tallying Groups
● Will consist of 1 tracker and 1 marker
◆ Realistically each group will manage two participating
■ Safe bet: In total there will be 10 groups of 4
● The tracker and marker will each have their own paper list and
submit it to the main person keeping track of the score
◆ The purpose is the confirm that what each person has
■ Two-hour gap after the scavenger ends
● This will allow for additional time...

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