Genogram Analysis Of Your Own Family Sedalia State Fair Community College Research Paper

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Genogram Assignment
Genogram Paper
Charlene Khondker
University of Central Missouri
Genogram Diagram:
Genogram Summary
This assignment has been one of the most interesting and amazing assignment for me till this date of my undergrad. I have never been able to summarize anything this clear then I have done in this assignment. The assignment is based on Genogram of me. I am Charlene Khondker and I about to summarize my family genogram.
To start with, I have included five generation of my family from my father’s side and I have provided three generation of my family of my mother’s side. The reason behind having more from my father’s and less from my mother’s side is because, I am not very close to my mother’s family as in a very early age, my mom and dad got divorce and I was raised most my childhood by my dad till I moved here in Warrensburg.
My grand parents from my dad’s side live with my dad back in Bangladesh where they are from. I was raised back in Bangladesh, but I was born here in Oklahoma when my dad and mom came for a visit to my uncle who lives right now in Houston, Texas. My grand parents from my mom’s side are not in this world anymore. They use reside back in Bangladesh too. My grand parents from my dad’s side use to teachers for primary school back in their young age. They got married back in 1950’s. They had their first child, my uncle back in the 60’s. Then they had gap of almost 10 years after that they had my dad. My grand pa from my mom’s side was used to work for some company in Germany. My grand ma used to be a housewife. They got married in the early 1960’s. Back in 1965, they had their first daughter, my aunt. Then during late 70’s they had second daughter, my mom.
My Uncle moved to America when he was in his early 19’s. Right now, he works for a Import export company and currently resides with his son and wife in Sugarland, Texas. I am not too much close to him or his family as I saw him when I was couple of months old. After that I saw him next on 2013 September when I came back in the United States to get my undergrad degree. His elder son has graduated from university of California, San Francisco very recently and right now works with Google as an IT consultant. His youngest son is right now going to high school.
My dad and mom where high school sweet hearts. They dated not to long, but my dad was ambitious. So, when he started his profession as an Aircraft Pilot at a very young age, he got married to my mom. They got married back in 1990’s and had there first child, my elder brother in the next year. Two years later when they came to visit in America, I was born. Two years before there divorce, my youngest brother was born. My mother has always been a housewife.
My mom and dad always use to get into argument. My dad had to work very hard to become what he is today. My mom on the other hand never liked the fact that my dad had to work a lot. They always had arguments. I grew up seeing them all the fighting like cats and...

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