The Last Lecture: An Analysis Of Dr Pausch's Last Lecture Intro To Education Analyze Speech

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EDUC The Last Lecture 
Share with your classmates the reaction you had to Dr. Pausch's Last Lecture video. 
Does it make you think differently about chasing your own dreams and goals? Why or 
why not? What stuck out to you most from his video? What was your overall 
impression of Randy Pausch's lecture and discuss any effect his words have on your 
I was truly inspired by listening to Randy Pausch’s ​The Last Lecture​. When hearing Dr. 
Pausch say that he did not want to be an “object of pity” really resonated with me 
when it came to looking into my own outlook on life. As a father and husband, who is 
diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and only months to live, he redefines what 
it is like to have childhood dreams and accomplishing them. Dr. Pausch made me 
think, rethink and gave me a sense of unlimited ability to chase my dreams, the crazier 
the better. The professor’s exuding abundance of optimism forced in the arguably 
worst and uncomfortable situation there is, gives no reason for anyone else to chase 
my own dreams. What really stood out to me was when Pausch said “I am dying soon, 
and I am...

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