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Professor Woods
March 13,2019
The impact of fear
There are many things that many people might be afraid of. Fear can affect a human being in many ways. Laura Wingfield and Oedipus Rex both come from different walks of life, but both experience fear that affects them drastically. In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, the characters Oedipus Rex and Laura Wingfield experience the effects of fear due to three things: The known, the unknown, and fate.
Firstly, both Laura Wingfield and Oedipus Rex experience the effect of fear via the known or what is made known to them. In Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie, the character Laura Wingfield has a limp which she fears that everyone will notice which affects her everyday life. This fear makes her only want to live a sheltered life. Laura’s fear is shown in this quote, “Her hands shook so that she couldn't hit the right keys! The first time we gave a speed-test, she broke down completely - was sick at the stomach and almost had to be carried into the wash-room! After that morning she never showed up any more” (1685). Her fear of being noticed has consumed her so much that she had a mental breakdown. On the other hand, In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, the character Oedipus Rex has the fear of the truth being known to everyone. The risk of his truth being exposed to his people and their knowing has overwhelmed him so much he blinds himself. This effect of this fear is expressed in the following quote, “I would blout out from my mind what happened next! For the king ripped from her gown golden brooches, That were her ornament, and raised them, and plunged them down , Straight into his own eyeballs ,crying, “No more” “(45).
The next effect of fear would be due to the unknown. Laura Wingfield and Oedipus Rex both let the fear of the unknown affects how they choose to live their lives. The author Nelson Goud discusses the key points of Jonah Complex. Jonah Complex is defined as the fear of success which says prevents self-actualization or being able to realize one’s potential. This article pertains to Laura in regard to her fear of her own greatness and ability to find love and forward her education. It also pertains to Oedipus and his fear having to do with the heroic expectations regarding becoming the king and the fear of knowing the prophecy will come true. In Oedipus Rex, with the character Oedipus Rex fears effects his belief of if he will be able to free the people by solving the riddle. It is expressed through this quote, “What troubles could prevent your hunting down the killer? The riddling Sphinx’s son” (133). Also, with Laura Wingfield; Fear affects ...


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