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Geography, My Opinion On Indigenous Life In Toronto Ryerson University Reflection Report

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Name: Golshid Riahi
Student Number: 500711948
Subject: Reflection Report No. 1
On May 15th our class hosted one member of the Anishnabe community named Aqua Nibii Wawaskone. She is a singer, songwriter, storyteller, artist, and activist. She shared her experiences as an indigenous individual who has lived her entire life in Toronto. Similar to most indigenous people, Aqua also has gone through many issues such as addiction, homelessness, mental breakdown, and etc. Unequal access to the health’s system, lack of access to facilities, higher rates of unemployment, low income levels, and more importantly still ongoing impacts of residential schools are examples of the obstacles that prevent indigenous people from healing and seeking a better life [1]. Although Aqua has never personally attended a residential school, she has not been excluded from the long-lasting effects of those schools. One of the survivors of a residential school says that we don’t know what love is, because we were not given love for ten months out of every year [2]. Moreover, she explains the reason for indigenous people drinking alcohol is because they suffered from a lack of love for a long time, and it is impossible for them to fill out that emptiness now [2]. The Native community still struggles with their problems, because they never learned how to solve them. It is very unfortunate that nothing significant has been done to help Indigenous community’s situation, but hopefully in...

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