How Mental Wellness Helps My Life Northwestern University Response, I Nformative

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Ruben Amancio
October 25, 2018
Mental Wellness TND
Northwestern University
My Mental Health
My reactions to the video are that it was pretty good. It displayed several circumstances of mental wellness that showed how strenuous college life can be. I really liked that they used actual testimony from real people instead of coming up with random examples of mental issues that wouldn’t be talked in therapy or a family setting. I really empathized with the guy that said his parents didn’t support him much when it came to deep conversations. At first, I felt that way as well. I believed that my parents didn’t understand me or that they just cared about me doing well in my classes and participating in church activities. However, as I got older, my relationship with my parents blossomed and became something that I could lean back on. My life was full of depression and suicidal thoughts in high school, but thanks to my parents love and care, I was able to get free of my torment and grow as a person. My life became full of joy and increased in terms of happiness, enjoyment, compassion, love, and mercy. Personally, I believe I owe my parents a lot because now they always check on me to make sure I’m okay. My life has improved a great deal thanks to the love and support my parents have shown me. I thank every day for all they’ve provided. In terms of the video, it didn’t change my idea of mental wellness because my idea if mental wellness was already if that shown in the video. I believed being mentally relaxed was something that I was taught growing up and that inner peace is a huge part of one’s well-being. I honestly thank Northwestern University for caring so much for its students and making sure we have all the resources we need to succeed at this university. This video has further enhanced what my idea of mental awareness was. It reminded me of how it’s important to step back and relax. College is tough, and when you’re at a school like this one, it can be extremely overwhelming at times. It’s necessary to meditate in the good parts of college life at times and remember that not only were you chosen to be here but that you also belong at this university and that you are strong and that you have the strength to res...


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