A Challenging Year; About My High School Life In Myanmar. Florida International University Essay

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A Challenging Year
That day was my first day of 9th grade. I transferred to a new private school. I looked at the clock and it was 9 o’ clock. I was late. I just washed my face, brushed my teeth and wore the uniform which is like a crisp and as clean-cut as a blue sky of the deepest summer. As the soft material brushed over my face, I could almost taste the meadows of pure cotton. My dad took me to the school and he repeatedly yelled at me like a parrot to wake up early next time and not to watch too many movies at night; indeed, I was excited to meet new friends and teachers and I didn’t pay attention to my dad.
When I arrived to the school, I saw a huge white tumbledown building which look old and in bad condition. I saw no one and it was sort of creepy down on the way to the classroom. As soon as I found the classroom, I opened the door, entered the room and I heard “you are late” from the professor. His voice was deep and scary like a big wobbly scary thing. He was the physics professor and also the headmaster. He was talking about velocity.
After class, I met the chubby girl with weird glasses and braces. We introduced our self, her name is Han Thar and we became friends. I got another friend called Yamin. She is pretty and smart. Our friendship was a silence, for only we know what we feel and what we are. They always remembered me whatever they do. We knew about each other really well even the family staffs. We hanged out the whole year together. I was a passive and lazy girl who weak in school work and also my friends too. They were worse than me at the school work. My friends’ parents decided to change the school because there was some problem with my friends. Han Thar run away with her boyfriend and Yamin’s grades were so bad. But my parent decided to make me stay on campus in that school.
Unfortunately, there was the another girl group. The girls in that group were so clever and outstanding student. Their grades were in top 3. My grades were under top 5. It is impossible for me to get top 5 however I tried. The worse thing was we had a big problem. That girl group was lived on the campus since the 9th grade and they don’t like me. The problem was that we had the quiz from the math professor. He said it was the hard quiz and I got the highest mark. As soon as we knew the result, they look at me with anger, pointed me with their fingers and said “you are not deserving this. The highest mark is for us. you got it because of luck.” We fought the whole year and the worse tragedy for me was I had to live with that girls in 10th grade.
My challenging year was going to begin. Agreeing to do something which I didn’t want to do in order to please my parent was the most terrible thing for me, I would rather die instead of going to that school again. Whatever, I didn’t have a choice. Thus one night, I tried to run away from my parent. I felt a lot of reminiscent things of my friends. I was not sure that the hell exists or not but living there was like the hell for me.
I felt like I have no place in life. Did everyone feel this way about me? I was being bullied for things by another group’s girls. The pain hurt. It was a feeling like I was a mistake. I had no purpose in life. Why was I there? Liked to know that there would be tomorrow? What should I do to pass through? Hopefully tomorrow would be better than today? Hope that I will heal? What would I do if I don’t have hope that one day I will find what I want? For me hope came from the only one story from the admire person, my physics professor. He is pudgy with a brown skin and he always wear a big ruby ring. At first, I didn’t even want to attend his class; however, I had no choices as he is the headmaster. He always yelled his students not to be lazy and to study all the time. Be honest, he was like the gangster for me even though he told a lot of jokes in class. He told me about his story that he failed the 10th grade exam. He was kicked out of his home by his mom; therefore, he tried to pass the exam even before the school start. So when the school started, he already knew the answer of many questions. He had so many free time, and then in his free time he taught his friends who had problems with sums. And he got 3 distinctions.
I realized myself at that time that anything is possible. From that day, I got up at 4 AM every morning. I sat alone in the lobby and study by trying not to scared the voices from the outside. I heard a sound of something through leaves when I was alone in the lobby at 4 am and wished not to be a ghost. I gave full attention to the professors in the classes. I did over and over till I got it by heart. In the exam, I didn’t sure myself that I did well or not. It was just the ordinary day, but my heart was pounding; my hands were shaking; I couldn’t speak for a while when I heard that I got 3 distinctions. Tears were just come out from my eyes. I couldn’t control it. The girls from other group, they got only one distinction each. I don’t what was wrong with them. Maybe it deserved with them. At that time, they said “hey, congratulation, we so sorry for that we did to you.” I was surprised when I heard this. But I looked at them and said “it’s ok. Whatever I don’t care.”


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