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Reflection Paper
Gospel of Mark
Savanah Morin
Many things came to be in the Gospel of Mark; Jesus sends his disciples to spread God’s word,
John the Baptist is beheaded by King Herod, Peter declares Jesus as the Messiah, Jesus predicts
his own death three times. Also, Jesus comes to Jerusalem on a colt as King of the Jews and at
the last supper; Jesus with his 12 disciples, declares that one of them will betray him. He also
predicts that his disciples will leave him and Peter denies this. This seems all pretty intense for
such a small Gospel.
The Chief Priests were looking for evidence to crucify Jesus and many testified falsely against him.
This he heartbreaking because this caused him to be condemned to death. As Jesus was taken,
the soldiers mocked him and then crucified him. I know that in this day in age this would seem
barbaric so I think that is why I found this part so difficult to read. As a mother just to think that
this man, someone’s child died because of beliefs. When Jesus died on the cross, it was the day
before Sabbath and Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate to boldly ask him if he could prepare
Jesus’ body for burial. He prepared Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph
were there.
After the Sabbath Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph returned to the tomb to
anoint the body of Jesus. They discovered that Jesus was gone; he had risen from the dead. They
remained silent, as they were afraid of what had happened.
Although sometimes it is difficult to understand a timeline of events, Mark tells the stories of
Jesus in a fast paced, simple and easy to understand language. Mark’s account of Jesus follows
the format of an eye-witness account. Mark begins with John the Baptist foretelling of the coming
of the Messiah to Jesus rising from the dead and ascending to Heaven. Everything is told in a very
direct manner with little flair. The only parts that are not direct and e...

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