Hamlet: Truly Mad Or Acting Mad. An Essay About Role Playing In Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

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Hamlet: Truly mad or acting mad" Hamlet at once invites and resists interrogation. He is, more than any theatrical character before and perhaps since, a figure constructed around an unseen or secret core. "In this introduction to the play Stephan Greenblatt directly emphasises not only the depth but also the mystery about the main character of Hamlet. He points at the different impressions Hamlet makes on his co-characters and the spectator can only refer to these onstage interactions. A diverse character like Hamlet therefore leaves much space for interpretation.Regarding his "played" madness for example the question arises whether Hamlet only plays this role in order to fool the others or whether the murder of his fat ...view middle of the document...

First of all Shakespeare describes him to be abnormally long in mourning over his father's death, " ...but to persever in obstinate condolement is a course of impious stubbornness, 'tis unmanly grief, it shows a will most incorrect to heaven,..." (1.2.92 - 95), which points at the deep influence of the former deeds on Hamlet's character. Additionally one gets the impression that Hamlet has lost all sense of time as he exclaims: " But two months dead, nay not so much, not two-...and yet within a month-...a little month, ..." (1.2.138 - 147) This confusion underlines his inability to remember clearly what has happened and when. Going further into the aspect of time it becomes obvious that not only in reference to the past Hamlet seems in loss of a sense of time, but also in his pursuit of revenge and justice. Between the First and the Second Act we have a time gap of approximately 2 months in which no reference is made to any kind of action Hamlet undertakes. A last aspect indicating his lunacy are his repeated remarks concerning suicide. Directly in his first soliloquy he states: " O! that this too too solid flesh would melt, ..." (1.2.129 - 132). Not to forget the famous passage: " To be or not to be, that is the question." (3.1.58ff)Throughout the entire play Hamlet seems to be caught between differing sides and a drift into lunacy might be very plausible regarding the enormous responsibility weighing on his shoulders. Within this aspect lies the fantastic influence this play has had on audiences all over the world. The diversity of the main character left so much space for interpretation, space for a great variety of productions and furthermore a great variety of interpretations of these productions.


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1070 words - 5 pages closer look at , is Act IV – scene V of Hamlet . Both directors have taken an innovative approach with their interpretations ; Branagh takes a more historical approach , more Victorian era , filmed in well constructed sets , in what looks like a castle , whereas, Michael Almereyda’s approach , which is completely contrasting , is shot in New York city , taking a modern approach with well-known actors , however , staying true to Shakespeare’s original

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423 words - 2 pages Free Vargas Vargas 3 Andres Vargas Mr. Brewster English DC 12/8/2017 Madness in Hamlet feigned or real? The point at issue from all the objections in Hamlet is derived from the question if Hamlet’s madness is real or feigned. Therefore, in order to understand and to fully digest the status with madness, all characters must be evaluated in a critical approach. Scholars have also taken this question onto their own hands with fully functioning responses

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747 words - 3 pages Angel Marin Period 2 1-8-19 English HL 1 Mrs. James Characterization of Gertrude in Hamlet One of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Queen Gertrude. Queen Gertrude is also considered one of the antagonists in the play. Her roles in the play are being a mother to Prince Hamlet and the Queen of Denmark. Most importantly, Queen Gertrude, mother to Prince Hamlet is characterized as an unloyal and unloving character in Shakespeare’s

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1545 words - 7 pages Free Ophelia they discover that Ophelia has a love interest for Hamlet and that her brother, Laertes is very uncertain if Hamlets display of love is real or whether it is just a passing feeling, a “perfume and suppliance of a minute, no more.” (Shakespeare 1.3.9-10) The manner in which Laertes describes his uncertainty and his concern for his sister is in an endearing way, he is not forcing her to make a decision but kindly informing her on what his

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362 words - 2 pages In the story of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is Gertrude really the murder of her husband King Hamlet? There is no real answer to this question simply because is not a true story and it doesn't really ever tell you if Claudius was really the murder or not. However, if this were to be a true story, then I would suspect Gertrude of taking a part in her husband's murder. I believe that Gertrude did take a part in her husband's murder. I

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947 words - 4 pages does not trust them anymore. He was upset because they were his good friends. Their were a lot of situations where lack of trust was shown. Trust is an issue that is often problematic, especially in Hamlet. When reading Shakespeare, he allows the reader to analize his works in many ways. Somehow, he allows the reader to find something new to think about everytime his wrok is read. In Hamlet, Shakespeare allows the reader to learn from the mistakes

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609 words - 3 pages Polonius his own life as hamlet stabs him through an array thinking it was the king, ‘’Nay, I know not. Is it the king?’’. Many of these characters are willing to do whatever the kings asks of them because in return they are in favour with the king and therefore will be in receipt of his rewards or they are possibly fearful of power should they refuse. Even Ophelia, Hamlets love betrays him at the request of her powerful and corrupt father and the

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1095 words - 5 pages Free terms of masculinity, but he could also be seen as playing the feminine role in this because Claudius was able to manipulate him and control his actions during an emotional state. Overall, it may be said that the social construct of Shakespeare’s time established the reasonings to each character’s actions. With femininity Shakespeare uses them as objects to manipulate in order to benefit the men, leading to their demise. Then for men Shakespeare uses their emotions, or lack of, to create discord between characters. List of Sources SparkNotes​, SparkNotes, www.sparknotes.com/nofear/shakespeare/hamlet/.

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1261 words - 6 pages Is happening. Right in the beginning, we are told that Ray and His Wife Emma are getting a divorce and she’s moving in with her new boyfriend. While Ray is mad at Emma he gets a phone call that the possibility that an earthquake will hit them sooner than expected and she needs to be rescued. Ray guides Emma to find higher ground and is able to save her. After rescuing her Ray’s helicopter runs out of gas and have to crash while trying to land the

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1228 words - 5 pages himself. Hamlet in his grief has mused upon the prospect of suicide. Considering to take his own life instead of trying to figure out his plan, ensures that Hamlet has become mad. The death of Polonius showed the biggest impact. No other incident shows so deep a design, or is so appropriate for its purpose. Hamlet, acting blindly through impulse, kills the wrong person, resulting in guilt. This warning, therefore, speaks from the rash act: Let no

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1144 words - 5 pages Andy Karalekas Ms. McInnis English 12 1/18/19 In the play “Hamlet” William Shakespeare blurs the lines between putting on a cunning act and becoming truly what they wanted others to see. Hamlet was the one who entered this grey area, after his father was poisoned, he supposedly put on an act to make it seem as though he was going insane. However, as the play progressed, and more tragedy occurred it became unclear whether he had gone mad or had

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1193 words - 5 pages protagonist, Hamlet; he contrasts ‘this lovely prayer – the fine flower of a soul in anguish’ with Hamlet’s ‘late joy of torturing the King’s conscience.’ Others might find some satisfaction in the sight of an evil man in torment who is not prepared truly to repent and whose conscience is strictly limited. However, such is the dramatic power of this scene that, as Sagar comments, however deeply we have come to hate Claudius and however remote we feel ourselves to be from Elizabethan religious assumptions, the tragedy deepens as we sense in the theatre that Hamlet must not kill Claudius while he is at prayer wrestling with his tormented soul.

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1249 words - 5 pages of uncertainty coming from the Elizabethan court in the early 17th century as a result of the monarchic transition. Hamlet is presented as a tragic antihero, ironically playing a reluctant messianic role to restore order on the Elizabethan cosmological scale, paradoxically combining his eventual death and restoration of the disrupted contextual paradigm. Shakespeare’s expert construction of language and characters combine to sustain the tensions

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1253 words - 6 pages Hamlet makes it impossible to tell whether Hamlet actually has gone mad or that he is aware that there is someone behind it. Hamlet is not overcome by sorrow but instead he eerily contemplates his situation in the mirror. Hamlet delivers his speech in an unnerving way. He stands still and upright speaking to himself with a strange expression on his face. Branagh’s Hamlet does not seem to fear death but actually visualizes himself acting on what he

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823 words - 4 pages torture them because that’s what we thought was right. But now we are accepting them as any other person on the planet. Like the superstar LeBron James with his famous basketball career. LeBron Janes ‘equality’ Nike shoes LeBron James is an African-American basketball player. During his high school years he was the top basketball player in the country. Due to his athleticism, size and court vision he became one to the premier players in the NBA. He