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I had just moved into my new house and now go to a new school and so far everything was perfect until lunch time when I was having a meal with my new friends asked me where did I lived. I told him the address and my friends all stared at me. They managed to spit out that the house opposite of my house is haunted. Then they explained if you look at the attic at the dead of the night you can see two bright red lights. I was just thinking to myself was this one of their jokes or are they telling the truth. When I went back to home t ...view middle of the document...

Finally I managed to go to sleep. The next day I went to school and told my friends what I saw. They were also horrified even though they told me about it. When I arrived home late that night my mum told me "You are going to the opposite house with your older brother to clean up the attic and the kitchen." A chill went down my spine and with all the horror I managed to say "Why do we need to go? She answered me telling me"It's a special favor from the opposite house. My brother and I made our way to the opposite house. I didn't tell him about the story of the red eyes. He opened the door and found the switch to the lights and the whole place illuminated. The place was crystal clean at the hall then my brother told me that even though this place is so clean the kitchen and the attic are in a total mess. So let's split up. You clean up the attic and I clean up the kitchen. I told him if we could switch around jobs but he disagreed. He then called me a wimp and told me if I don't go upstairs he would whack me up so I had no choice and I made way to upstairs. I opened the attic door and I started to get goose bumps. I didn't even breathe and then I saw it the two red eyes which have been scaring me. I didn't say anything until he came to the light when I saw that it was a dog.


The Yellow Wallpaper Via American Horror Story

678 words - 3 pages "The Yellow Wallpaper", written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is an interesting short story that tells the events of a wife as she is removed from her normal life in hopes to cure her so-called illness. Her husband puts her into a new house that he proclaims will help her illness, however his methods have the complete opposite effect. This story is very similar to the first season of a television show called "American Horror Story," where the

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384 words - 2 pages twisted black feeling of fear grew, I knew I had to go through the entire house. Having no idea of what time it was; except that it was dark; sinister as any night in a horror movie outside, I went through each and every room in our house only to find all of them stripped bare, like a new born baby, from the ceiling to the floor. It was as though it had taken hours for me...

What Events in the play of Romeo and Juliet do you think changes the course of action from romance to tragedy?

355 words - 2 pages Romeo and Juliet, two lovers who long for eachothers warmth and love. Romeo and Juliet's love caused horror and pain for both families, the Capulets and the Montagues. The epic tale went from romance to tragedy because of the irrasponsibility of the characters. The tragic story took place in the city of Verona. The familes of Romeo and Juliet have been torn apart for a reason beyond the text. Juliet belonging to the house of Capulets and

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879 words - 4 pages 2 Levine 2 1 Levine 1 Janelle Levine Professor Butler English 1102 11 April 2018 Essay #2 Tales from the Hood is a 1995 horror anthology film directed by Rusty Cundieff and executive-produced by Spike Lee. The film presents four short urban-themed horror stories centering on police brutality, domestic abuse and gang violence; all presented within a frame story of three drug dealers buying some “found” drugs from an eccentric and story prone

Are ghosts real? Popular belief - English - Essay

1264 words - 6 pages allegedly haunted hotels where curious visitors can stay. In the U.S., residents of places like Long Island, pride themselves on their haunted heritage. The cultural history of the area has led to the many haunted houses, places, and ghosts galore. The story that stuck out to me the most when researching was the Amityville Horror House story. The village of Amityville is tiny town located on the southern edge of Long Island, New York along the

The Veldt - By; Ray Bradburry - Questions and Answers - English - Research Questions

867 words - 4 pages Free the house anymore is because she meant that her motherhood towards the children was even take away the nursery as it takes care of the kids and entertains them. She means that she lost her kids cause of the nursery and she basically has no need in the house cause she doesn’t even need to take care of her own kids as the nursery can do it for her. 4. This story is in many ways also a classic Gothic Horror story. What clues are readers given

Edgar Allen Poe's View Of Death In "The Fall Of The House Of Usher"

1836 words - 8 pages led to his death.Edgar Allen Poe achieves his lasting effect on the reader at the end. The horror that he wanted the reader to experience is linked to the death or 'fall' (as in the name of the story) of a brother, sister, family name, and house. All this desired effect puts the reader into shock, but also brings out a good side. Life after death was the underlying meaning to this story.Death usually means the end, but in a spiritual sense the

The Outer And Inner Worlds Of H.G. Wells And R.L. Stevenson

1257 words - 6 pages poverty. This would be true in the Victorian age, as there was no contraception. The small wage that a family would earn would not be enough for a family of at least five to live on; thus causing poverty and premature deaths.In Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde', Dr. Jekyll is a respected gentleman living in a grand house in London. Stevenson's choice of a Doctor as the main character is quite a topical one

Write About A Frightening Experience Where You Felt You Had To Go On In Spite Of Your Fear

1412 words - 6 pages have any of the stuff I brought to the house. A couple of seconds passed by, he shut the door and started to laugh. I shouted and shouted to get him to open the door, but as I looked out the broken window I saw him go back to his house.I was in a state of shock, a state of panic. I didn't know what to do. I ran to the door and managed to get it open. But to my horror, it wasn't over yet. The hallways I always feared were to come next. A choice was

Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat - English - Essay

1364 words - 6 pages Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Black Cat” Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat” emphasizes the story genre of horror and romanticism. This is displayed through most of Poe’s stories including gruesome details, but furthermore he creates a nonchalant mood, which leaves the audience baffled in mind. In his story specifically, the phenomena portrayed is a man with a psychotic personality justifying and defending his irrational and disturbing acts

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567 words - 3 pages now but I would really like to explain to you why I did what I did. As you know, I do not have a mother, but I have seven younger siblings and a drunk for a father. Being the oldest, I have become the mother figure in my house. I do not get to go to school because I am too busy doing work around the house and raising seven kids on my own. My father is always drunk and angry with us so I tell my siblings to avoid him so he does not hit them the

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1598 words - 7 pages Free "offer violence" because he knows that the cat had loved him and had given him no reason to hang it. What he did was an act of the "reversal" or so he wants to us believe. The writer's house burned down shortly after. Being a such "rational" person, the writer refused to see a connection between his dastardly act of killing his cat and the disaster of his house. Here, we have an example of the insane mind rejecting the idea that the burning of

Edgar Allan Poe "The Black Cat", "The Fall Of The House Of Usher"

1479 words - 6 pages , and suspense. His studies may be roughly divided into horror stories and detective stories. Although fantastic elements play the essential role in both genres, horror stories draw much attention to mystery and unity of real and unreal. Still, Poe's fantastic elements do not remind of a fairy tale - his imaginary world is cruel and dark, creating quite a pessimistic mood. "The Black Cat" and "The Fall of the House of Usher" are the finest

Guilt Trip: The Tale-Tell Heart - Cisco College and 1302 english - Element of a story

626 words - 3 pages anxiety subsided internally. While he was basking in his glorious deed, of getting rid of eye that fancied him mad, there was a knock at the door. Upon opening the door, he encountered police, who merely stopped to inquire about a shriek. Instead of turning the officers away, he arrogantly invited them into the home. Almost as if he was daring the officers to discover his deed. He suggested for them to search the house, as if he was challenging

The Final Girl - a slasher film convention - English or Media Studies - Essay

2531 words - 11 pages ten minutes or so of the film. She isn’t all that aware of her surroundings, which can become quite frustrating to the audience, even when she finds all the bodies of her friends, she is just stuck in a state of horror and fear, she doesn’t come to think about an inevitable fight or a killer as much as she should. When the film comes down to the final fight where Michael Myers, the UMK, is in the house, and Laurie tells the kids to hide to protect