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Horror House Essay

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I had just moved into my new house and now go to a new school and so far everything was perfect until lunch time when I was having a meal with my new friends asked me where did I lived. I told him the address and my friends all stared at me. They managed to spit out that the house opposite of my house is haunted. Then they explained if you look at the attic at the dead of the night you can see two bright red lights. I was just thinking to myself was this one of their jokes or are they telling the truth. When I went back to home that ...view middle of the document...

Finally I managed to go to sleep. The next day I went to school and told my friends what I saw. They were also horrified even though they told me about it. When I arrived home late that night my mum told me "You are going to the opposite house with your older brother to clean up the attic and the kitchen." A chill went down my spine and with all the horror I managed to say "Why do we need to go? She answered me telling me"It's a special favor from the opposite house. My brother and I made our way to the opposite house. I didn't tell him about the story of the red eyes. He opened the door and found the switch to the lights and the whole place illuminated. The place was crystal clean at the hall then my brother told me that even though this place is so clean the kitchen and the attic are in a total mess. So let's split up. You clean up the attic and I clean up the kitchen. I told him if we could switch around jobs but he disagreed. He then called me a wimp and told me if I don't go upstairs he would whack me up so I had no choice and I made way to upstairs. I opened the attic door and I started to get goose bumps. I didn't even breathe and then I saw it the two red eyes which have been scaring me. I didn't say anything until he came to the light when I saw that it was a dog.

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