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Write About A Frightening Experience Where You Felt You Had To Go On In Spite Of Your Fear

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When I was a young boy aged ten I always had a fear of being by myself in a strange surrounding. The thought of no one else but me gave me an eerie sensation and a chill always ran down my spine. I knew I had to be able to conquer that fear someday but on April 1st, the chance caught me by surprise.It was on the morning of a sunny beautiful as day for April. Not a cloud in the sky and as I exited the school grounds heading back home I could feel the strong wind brushing against my face and through my hair.Today was just like any school day or was it?I walked at a steady pace to get myself back home because at that time I had a fear of being mugged, kidnapped or even more worse- death.I ...view middle of the document...

For what seemed like minutes but were only a few seconds in reality I felt like I couldn't stop staring at it. To me it seemed like the best house to live in but something weird got my goat that day and for some reason that particular house scared me. As I turned round to where my friend was I was shocked to see he had gone. Disappeared in thin air but then I was relieved to see that he had gone inside and left the door open for me.It soon read eight on the clock hanging up in Mike's room. We were happily playing on his games console and I couldn't stop laughing at him because I always won at the games he thought he was "good" at. All of a sudden, just out the blue he paused the game because he was first player and said those words that I had feared that day.'Waseem! This is so boring! Let's go and spend the night at the crappy old ruined place down the road. At least we'll have some fun that way, instead of me getting my ass kicked at al my games.' Mike whispered. I jumped at the second he said those words and foolishly agreed. I don't know what came over me. I think I felt that he would stop being my friend or even worse hate me because I didn't do it.We quickly gathered our PJ's and all the stuff we thought were necessary to bring in order to have this fun Mike was telling me about and snuck out his house through the back door. I began to sweat as we drew closer and closer to the large scary house. Closer and closer to what I knew was my doom. We quickly followed Mike. However, I kept thinking to myself how does he know his way around this house so much? The hallways were endless and I feared it. Has he been here before? Why isn't he scared? Questions just kept popping in my head. Questions I couldn't answer. My friend Mike, finally led me to a room which had a broken window and a bed that wasn't possible to sleep on. For some reason he insisted that I went first into the room but I knew at that second he was up to something. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time but I knew it was something bad. Mike for some strange reason was laughing and when I turned around I noticed that he didn't have any of the stuff I brought to the house. A couple of seconds passed by, he shut the door and started to laugh. I...

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