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Commentary for Metaphors, Sylvia Plath
Sylvia Plath’s poem, Metaphors, describes the condition of pregnancy and the emotions related to the situation. The poem itself is written with metaphors to provide the readers with a clear insight of her situation and emotions. Plath utilises the concept of nine months of pregnancy to structure her poem. Each of the nine lines have nine syllables which was an effective method, to mention the topic of the poem without stating it- literally. However, behind this poem of playfulness of words, the poem contains striking links with the themes of feminism, appearances and the bitterness of pregnancy.
Throughout the poem, Sylvia Plath is not excited as an expectant mother as she is constantly mocking herself and her condition of her pregnancy. The comparison between her and the riddle can imply the unsureness about the unborn child and how this would affect her situation altering her lifestyle. The poem itself is slightly contradictory as the metaphors used in this poem would be euphonious to any children. The alliterations such as ‘two tendrils’ and the assonance for example, ‘ivory fine’ allows the lines of the poem to flow through easily without any given abruptness, allowing the reader to feel comfort when reading the poem. As for the consonance, ‘melon strolling’ adds a subtle humour to the poem, making the poem light-hearted. The combinations of the three given techniques provide a musical sensation to the it, making it simple. Regardless of the liveliness of the poem, words such as ‘ponderous’ causes the poem to become hasty, making it slightly obstinate. This could be used to as a reminder to the reader, that she is not confident with her own body due to this pregnancy, however, people seem to be overlooking the burden she is carrying with her for nine months.
At the start of the poem, she refers to herself as a ‘riddle’ indicating she will be mocking herself however, there’s an aim to this, as it is a riddle making the reader curious as to what she could be possibly be revealing. The poem, majorly focuses on the discomfort of pregnancy. Sylvia Plath describes herself as ‘ponderous’ and ‘melon strolling on two tendrils’ which instantly suggest her lack of confidence in her own appearance as she feels too wide. Plath does not express any joy, for this growth in size. Further along the poem, there is a change in emotion as she states, ‘money’s new minted’ suggesting that the unborn child is precious to her and that she cherishes it, but that instantly alters as she calls herself a ‘fat purse’ as she is now only holds money (the cost of bearing and bringing up a child) with references to her size. She divulges her lack of identity due to the unborn child as she a ‘means’, a method of...

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