Animal Farm Essay On How Effective The Use Of Propaganda Is Richview, Eng1 D3 Essay

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By: Pooja Samaraweera
ENG-1D3: Animal Farm Essay
In Animal Farm, propaganda is an important tool by which Napoleon holds or enhances his power. Choose three important examples of the use of propaganda in the novel, and show how it is an effective means by which those in power stay in power
Being in charge can make a person feel powerful, strong, and important
to others. But with those feelings, it can drive a person to become paranoid to
lose that power and the outcome of this paranoia is shocking just to stay at the
top. In many countries, leaders take advantage of their citizen's faith in them
and use their propaganda to stay in power. Fear, bribery, and fabrication are
key things that leaders use in their propaganda to make the common people do
whatever they desire.
Leaders can use fear to make their people do whatever they want. They
threaten to take their lives or things that are important to them. They kill people
who stand up, to send a message of fear, and show what will happen if anyone
continues to disobey them. They use fear so that the common people always
feel that their leader is superior to them in every way possible. They use fear to
make the common people feel like they can never stand up to their leader. For
example, in “Animal Farm” Napoleon had many animals killed due to the fact
that they associated with Snowball, even though they were strictly commanded
to not have any connection with Snowball. This is shown in the quote “Napoleon
now called upon them to confess their crimes.”(56) said by the narrator. By doing
this, Napoleon sent a message to the animal as to what would happen if any
animal disobeyed him again. Therefore making the animals too scared to stand
up for themselves. In other ways, sometimes leaders come into power because
the government before them wasn’t suitable for the people. When the people try
to question or complain about their work, leaders threaten the people of the old
government, so the people will do what they say. For example, in “Animal Farm”,
before Napoleon ruled the government, the animals were under the cruel rule of
Mr. Jones. Napoleon always makes Squealer threaten the animals that if they
don't work hard enough, Jones will come back. This is shown in the quote
"Surely, none of you wishes to see Jones back?" said by Squealer. The animals
certainly feared that Mr. Jones would come back so they followed Napoleon’s
orders, making the animals do whatever Napoleon wanted them to do
Leaders bribe people into doing what they want. They make them believe
that whatever the leaders do, even if it is wrong, will result in a good outcome
that will benefit their country when in fact it only benefits the leader. People
sacrifice many things in their lives to support their government in hopes that
their actions and contributions will benefit their country but in fact in only
benefits their leader’s selfish needs. For example, Napoleon makes the animals
work so hard to build the windmill and tells the...

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