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Global warming is a major issue that our government needs to take a stand on. The United States is experiencing higher temperatures, more rainfall, bigger wildfires and more flooding. All of this is a result of global warming. Politicians such as president Donald Trump are saying that in order for our country to grow economically and thrive, we need to slow down global warming and find less harmful sources of energy. Once we have more renewable resources in place, the climate change will stop and our economy will prosper once again. These new sources of energy such as solar power or dams that produce energy from the water will take the place of coal and oil usage. The harmful gasses from these minerals, will no longer be emitted into the atmosphere and our planet will be cleaner. Our local and federal politicians need to be working hard to get laws into place that force companies to get rid of the old ways of producing power, and put in newer, cleaner ones that will not harm the environment.
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Global warming is causing issues that will be irreversible once they have occurred. Warmer temperatures are causing the poles and sea caps to melt. All that runoff is going straight into the ocean and causing sea levels to rise. Once those sea levels rise too far, islands and coasts will start to become submerged. A small part of southern California is already under water due to the rise in ocean levels. The government needs to speak up about this and make the country aware of what is happening and what could continue to happen if we are not careful and don’t put a stop to this now. If they don’t stop it soon some of the most tropical coast and islands will be gone forever. Already, record high temperatures were recorded in the Arctic in January and February of last year. Scientists are even starting a stand on this issue and speaking up about it. Its time our government did the same.
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Massive storms can destroy hundreds of homes and just as many lives. In the future, the cause of these massive storms could be global warming. Scientists warn that if global warming continues at its current rate, the consequences would include huge storms that are stronger than anything we have ever seen. Gigantic hurricanes and tsunamis that would demolish everything in sight could occur if our politicians don’t speak out about these threats and make a change in how we use our energy. One scientist wrote a paper that discusses the last time the earth warmed. That time it was caused by natural forces, but ...


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