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Alejandro Gonzalez
The battle of the books
When I was growing up I wasn’t what you would call your typical book worm. Unlike my sister who was fascinated by books and my mom who could read love novels like they were going out of style I didn’t have it in my best interests. My hobbies were football, baseball, swimming, video games, board games and basically anything that didn’t involve reading. As I got older and my mind matured, I realized that reading and writing are important key fundamentals in life.
My understanding for this began in elementary school in fourth grade when the class was assigned to read the book “Holes”. When we began to read the book, our teacher, Mrs. Purcell, would call us out one by one to read out loud to the entire class. So, one by one, my classmates would read the paragraph that they were assigned and as it gained closer to my turn, me knowing that reading was not my forte, I began to become anxious my palms began to sweat My stomach began to churn to the point that it felt like I was going to vomit on the girl in front of me. When it finally landed on my turn, I had to buckle down and try my best as I read out loud. I began to sputter words that were so common, but I had never encountered before. .I overheard other kids giggling and making fun of me. My teacher did her best to control the...

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