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INDCOSERVE: Stirring UpDefine the Problem/IssueHow to provide a better dealing of the lives of small growers?Select specific objectivesTo ensure consistency among the 4 P's of product, place, price and promotion that will satisfy the consumer needs.To come up marketing strategy to increase the profits and fix the problems encountered.Define area of Consideration
Ooty tea is a brand tea of INCOSERVE that offset the losses INCOSERVE garnered from primary ...view middle of the document...

It is cost effective in the part of the seller that it does not attract enough buyer and seller because that they are not convinced that it can satisfy their needs.

Demand of Black Tea will increase.

Competitors like BLFs and Tea Estate

List of Alternative Courses of ActionIncrease the pricing of the product that will be sold to INDCOSERVE that will avail the goods so that they can help the small growers.The government can give incentives and loans to small growers.Concentrate operation on low-cost, highly-efficient production.Small growers should let go of its subsidiaries and go straight to INDCOSERVE.The INCOSERVE and the small growers should merge as one independent cooperative.Replace management team.RecommendationThe best alternative action is to the INCOSERVE and the small growers should merge as one independent cooperative.ConclusionThe plan is The INCOSERVE and the small growers should emerge as one independent cooperative thus bringing more members to the cooperative and also giving profit to the small growers as part of the agreement of merging.Action PlanImplement the plan into actionFull utilization and coordination of resourcesGather all the members and new members and organize the new structureHeld a meeting between INDCOSERVE and the small growers

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