New Media Technologies Fieldwork 1 On Rss Feeds

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On RSS Feeds

Yogeswaran Manickam (32053118)17 FEBRUARY 2014ContentsINTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 2FLIPBOARD 2OBSERVATION 3CONTENT ANALYSIS 3ANALYSIS 4CONCLUSION 4REFERENCES 5Appendix A: Screenshots of Flipboard 6Appendix B: Reviews and Comments on Flipboard 8INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUNDThe problem living in the Information age is 'paradoxical' (HowStuffWorks Inc, 2014). It is not easy keeping track of these information. Therefore, RSS (short form for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) was introduced in 1997. It is a format t ...view middle of the document...

OBSERVATIONPersonal observation method is used in this fieldwork to analyse the way Flipboard interface and RSS feed works together. RSS feeds on travel and Kpop (Korean Pop) news were followed on Flipboard for one week on an iPhone.Flipboard is easy to use, with fairly big and simple buttons to click on. There is an easy access to any accounts when synced, and they are all in display of a magazine layout (refer to Appendix A for screenshots of Flipboard). Flipboard has big headlines where you can click on to read more about them. In order to navigate to other stories and news, the user just needs to swipe through the screen vertically while horizontal swipes lead to account settings. There are a lot of images and font sizing plays involved in Flipboard and can be accessed anywhere and anytime on the smart phone. The travel and Kpop updates always appear at the top news on the first page of Flipboard.CONTENT ANALYSISContent analysis was conducted on the top online comments and reviews from App store and Google Play store on Flipboard (refer to Appendix B). Results show mixed reviews of using Flipboard. Majority of the reviews indicated that they like the layout and style of how flipboard works. Most of the reviews revealed that the application was easy to use with simple interface and it allows them to visit websites and get updates all in one platform while on the go. To highlight the negative comments, one user claimed that she did not like the fact that she cannot change what appears on the cover stories in Flipboard, which gave her news and information she did not enjoy reading. Most negative reviews show that the users expect a lot from customisation and personalisation of news and information they want to read.ANALYSISThrough observations and content analysis, it is apparent that appeal, design, convenience and personalisation are the contributing factors why people would choose to follow certain RSS feed and the respective RSS aggregators. The appeal of Flipboard goes deeply rooted in its style and layout. Flipboard is organised in a simple yet attractive magazine style that captures users' attentions. With big headings, fonts and images, the users can easily identify news and stories from the design and layout. Flipboard also allows users to synchronise their social media accounts so that they can view every activities on one platform. This attracts users to subscribe and use Flipboard for its convenience. In addition, as most people are always busy, Flipboard is easily accessed on the go using smart phone with an inter...


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527 words - 3 pages Products. cYtodiagnostics. Retrieved June 4, 2014, Nanoparticles: Properties and Applications. (2012, April 20). Sigma-Aldrich. Retrieved June 15, 2014, from of Technology. (2013, August 22). Drug delivery: Why gold nanoparticles can penetrate cell walls. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 1