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Expansion Plans for
(Oct 15, 2018)
Ayanjit Roy (u6777926)
Kiran Kondaveeti (U6774006)
Ranjana Arun (U6735056)
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Evolution of JIO in India
4. Australian Market Overview
4.1 Market Overview
4.2 Competitor Market Analysis
4.3 Customer Sentiment Analysis
4.4 Government Regulations
5. Brand Positioning (SWOT Analysis)
6. Recommendations
7. Appendix
1. Executive Summary
Australia has a potential market for Telecomm Industry; the services by existing telecom providers are expensive and lacking
in terms of technological advancement. The Australian government is supporting the Telecomm Industry to improve the mobile
coverage and competition across Australia by the programme named as “Mobile Black Spot Programme” with an estimated
cost of over AUD 680 million. This constant support from the government and the failure of the existing telecom giants to meet
the consumer requirements are creating a market opportunity for other international telecom companies to invest. Mobile device
is the most prominent and frequent mode of accessing internet in Australia even though the customer satisfaction with respect
to billing, call quality and internet access is low.
Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited over the past couple of years has created a benchmark in Indian Telecomm Industry with better
technologies (LTE & VoLTE) and low-priced Tariff rates than incumbents. The concise analysis carried out on Australian
Telecomm market, government regulations and Australian telecom providers is presented in detail in the following report. This
document states the advantages and benefits JIO might hold on extending its operations in Australia.
2. Introduction
In today’s world everything is moving in a rapid pace; in which
wireless technology have been playing a major role in transforming
our lives. In the recent days it is a proven fact that mobile devices
are playing a major role in our daily lifestyle. We use them for
banking till reserving a table in a restaurant with the help of
evolution in telecom industry over the past 3 decades. The cellular
concept first began with 1G (G stands for generation) network then
evolved into 2G/ Edge and then into 3G network, then comes the
revolutionary successor, 4G/LTE(Long term evolution)
Reliance Industry took the advantage of this technology along with
Volte (Voice over Long term evolution) and introduced there
services on the name of Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited marketed
as JIO. JIO has become one of the top three largest telecom operator
by revenue market share in a very short time. JIO, now plans to
expand its horizon and extend its services to other countries; we
have selected Australia as the target market for multiple reasons.
Our study is based on in-depth analysis from secondary research
practices which involves understanding the market scenario and
government regulations involved with the company goals.
Fig 1.1 Road map...

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