Genrays Human Resources Information System - Project Management

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Human Resources Information System
Human Resources Information System
Topic: GenRays Human Resources Information System

A. Documentation of Project Management Tools
Project Title: Human Resources Information System

Prior Experience
Prior experience is necessary in order for a smooth facilitation throughout the duration of the project
Project Scope Management
1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
2. Gantt Chart
1. WBS: is a valuable tool that helps to subdivide project deliverables and project work into smaller components
2. Gant Chart: is vital for this project because it present visual schedule in other to track the progress of the project.
Project Time Management
Collaboration is one of the most effective ways of time management in case of complex projects. In this project, collaboration of third parties can lead to completion of desired activities within minimum duration. Apart from effective time management, collaboration can result in better performance by providing external experts.
Project Cost Management
Trusted vendors
Hiring resources from trusted vendors ensures proper quality and cost of raw materials and resources. Hence, it can be said that this project can achieve optimum cost efficiency by dealing with trusted vendors.
Project Quality Management
Peer Reviews
Peer review is required for understanding performance of a certain project, which in turn ensures quality management.
Project Human Resource Management
This tool will help the project manager to keep record of all members attendance and performance, along with keeping track of salaries of individuals.
Project Communications Management
Stakeholder Meeting
Stakeholder meeting on regular basis is required for exchange of information among project team members.
Project Risk Management
Risk Matrix
Application of risk matrix in required for identification and evaluation of probable risks. In addition, this tool is beneficial for determining mitigation strategies.
Project Procurement Management
This software can be used for determining the probable budget of a project.
Project Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Matrix
Stakeholder matrix is required for identifying influence and interest of each stakeholder of a project. Moreover, one can understand which stakeholder needs to be communicated immediately through application of this tool.
B. HRIS Project
Project Title: Human Resource Information Management System
Purpose: the purpose of the project is to introduce a new payroll system for the human resource of GenRays Company. The executive department will analyze the project and take decision regarding the implementation of the new system.
Description: GenRays Company has decided to implement a new and centralized system of human resource information management, including the payroll. The company wants to reduce its cost and the company has made several changes in that direction. Management of the company ...

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