Baseball Terms Second Base And Double Play - Sports Management - Assignment

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Lesson Plan Framework
Instructor: Ll
Grade Level: 9-12 # of Students: 30
Activity Unit: Softball
Lesson #: 2 Lesson Title: Middle infield and Double Play Length of Lesson: 60 minutes
Lesson Objectives(s):What do you want students to be able to do, to know, and to value as a result of this lesson?
At the completion of this lesson, student will be able to: (list all that apply)
Psychomotor Domain (Do) SWBAT play a middle infield position and turn a double play. To play first base and middle infield and learned the double play.
Cognitive Domain (Know) SWBAT understand the importance of the middle infielders and what a double play is. To understand the importance of a first baseball and middle infielder and how they collaborate to complete the understanding of a double play.
Affective Domain (Value) SWBAT realize the importance of the middle infielders and why turning a double play can help your team. To realize the importance of then first basemen and middle infielders and how a double play can help your team succeed.
NYS Learning Standards:
Standard 1 - Personal Health and Fitness
Students will perform basic motor and manipulative skills. They will attain competency in a variety of physical activities and proficiency in a few select complex motor and sports activities. Students will design personal fitness programs to improve cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, and body composition.
Standard 2 - A Safe and Healthy Environment
Students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior while engaged in physical activity. They will understand that physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and communication. Students will be able to identify safety hazards and react effectively to ensure a safe and positive experience for all participants.
Standard 3 - Resource Management
Students will be aware of and able to access opportunities available to them within their community to engage in physical activity. They will be informed consumers and be able to evaluate facilities and programs. Students will also be aware of some career options in the field of physical fitness and sports.
Academic Language (AL) and/or Vocabulary: List the AL demands for the lesson (vocabulary, syntax, discourse) and list the key content vocabulary that will be covered
Ready position
Proper receiving position (triangle position: knees bent, shoulders over knees, elbows inside knees, hands out in front, palms up)
Watch the ball into the glove; two hands (crocodile hands)
Bring the ball into the belly after fielding it in order to secure the catch.
Double play depth – where to stand while the double play is in effect.
Feeding (the toss) – the 2nd or short gives or receives a double play (from short).
Pivot throw – when angling your body to turn a double play (from deep).
First base – straddling the ball; how to correctly position y...

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