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Editing Issues and Log Time
This manual contains essential information basically step-by-step procedure which will serve as guiding document for the user on how to edit Issues and Log Time in Redmine - as one of the Project Management Tool

Steps on how to edit Issues and Log Time in Redmine..
1. Type the IP Address in the address bar. The IP Address is shown in the photo below.

2. Click Sign in the Redmine page. See photo below.

3. After you clicked Sign in in the Redmine homepage, Log-in screen will appear. See photo below.
This is the Log-in screen

4. Provide your [a] username and [b] password in the Login screen and afterward click the [c] Login button to continue.

5. After signing in, you are now ready to access Redmine page. To view projects or create new project click Project in the Redmine page.

6. Afterwards, the lists of existing projects will appear in the Project window. For example, click Toyota Shibetsu as the sample project.

7. After clicking in, the Overview of the project will appear. The Project overview will give you an overview of the whole project. To go to Issues page , simply click Issues . See photo below.

You can put questions, clarifications or suggestions here.
8. Now make the necessary changes to the Subject, Description and % Done and then click the Submit button at the bottom of the configuration window. This will save the modified and then Subject, Description and % Done redirect you to a view of the updated ticket.

9. After clicking in the Issues, the lists of existing issues will appear. For example your task is all about Documentation, click Documentation in the Issues page. See photo below.

10.To make changes with the subject Documentation simply click Edit on the Project window page. See photo below.

11. If you want to add file/s in the Issues, simply click the Choose Files button below. See photo below

12. Afterwards, another window appear which will let you choose what file/s you're going to add. After selecting the file, click the Open button to continue.
Click here to continue

13. The chosen file/s appear above the Choose Files button. If you want to delete the file/s chosen, simply click the Trash bin like icon besides.
This is the chosen file
Click this after making changes
Click this to delete the file/s chosen

14. Time tracking allows users to track how many hours of work are logged to a specific issue or project. If you want to log time simply click the Log Time in the Issue view details.

18. Now place how many hours did you spent for you task in the text box and after that simply click the Create button below and it will now be added to the Spent Time in the Issues page.
It is where you place the spent time for the task.
- END -
Click this to save the changes
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